Sunday, August 30, 2015

818 - The Garden

Blood Plum blossum, Chez Newbery

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #214) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are:

worm, stop, here, speak, amber, chirping,
deal, easy, rot, foster, me, secret

The Garden

The garden calls me,
Speaks to me
In the easy words 
Of love and life.
There are no secrets here.
Life is full,
Full of growth and regrowth.
Death is here too.
For every start there is a stop.
Things grow, bloom, die and rot.
The malady of life.
Only to repeat.  
And repeat.
A melody of sounds—
A chorus 
Of the chirping of small birds
And the harsh calls of the large.
But a melody of colours too—
Greens, ambers, reds, blues,
A melody of life.
The fittest survive.  
Or the lucky.
Magpies stride, imperious, 
Hands behind their backs.
Worms don’t.
Wrens watch from the side.
Possums sleep,
Dreaming of the new growth.
A recurring pattern
That fosters understanding,
Helps us to comprehend
The larger cycle
We all must face.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015
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  1. A lovely description of the cycle of life.

  2. It only helps our comprehension if we watch - and learn.
    Some of us do, some of us don't...

  3. We can learn so much from nature but sadly it is man's way to kill everything off and start from scratch then wonder why chemicals are killing pollinators and everything is artificial and unsustainable. We have a lot of work to do.

  4. luv the yin and yang of "malady " and "melody"; a very beautiful composition

    have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  5. staccato and brevity of line makes this linearity of the life cycle so familiar - love the 'For every start there is a stop.

  6. so much to lessons we can get from nature and to make us realize the place in this life.

  7. The cycle of life, and some face birth while others face death.. The repetion is what differ between nature and us.

  8. I think all the answers we seek are probably in our garden - or if we live in a flat outside our window - perhaps we just don't really want to know i read your poem however there was a sense of peace in accepting what is and what will be..

  9. My garden also calls to me at this time. We of the Southern hemisphere share the delight of Spring in September! Here's hoping rain is headed your way.

  10. A lovely write. Your words paint the sounds out my window, taking the reader from detail to larger life questions.

  11. Definitely nature helps us to comprehend things which we all face! We can learn so much by observing what is outside!

  12. As fast as old things pass away, new things appear. Such is life.

    My Whirl is called Shhh...!

  13. Such a lovely & thought provoking piece :D

  14. The soft acceptance here, asks your reader to sit a while and contemplate,


  15. A recurring pattern
    That fosters understanding,
    Helps us to comprehend
    The larger cycle

    One ought to learn to observe. Many learnt through this way. It allows one to understand more. One will then be aware of the bigger pic.


  16. A delightful and enjoyable piece indeed.

  17. i am not sure but photosynthesis just came to my mind after reading the poem. must be the cycle.

    nature is fascinating, right?

  18. You took me right into the garden with its sights and sounds and the beautiful birds.

  19. Love those first four lines....those easy words of love and life and the way the garden sets an example, a lesson, for us of life's bigger picture. Beautifully written.

  20. this was a fun read. love reading about different colors and birds and other creatures so cute. loved it.

  21. Well done. Every one has said it all (clap clap clap :-)

  22. There's a gret deal to learn from nature and a garden. Nicely wirtten.

  23. Oh you nailed this poem...fabulous in your metaphor and why I must go to the garden often...'For every start there is a stop.' These were powerful words!

  24. Mighty fine images in this accepting/celebrating poem. My favorite is:
    "Magpies stride, imperious,
    Hands behind their backs."

  25. A worthy, beautiful melody of life.... :)

  26. Great write a nice read for early morning.

  27. Geez, lost the first comment. Yikes. Anyway... Cos, the best part for me was how in this garden, as in life, "the fittest - or the lucky - survive." That is a universal truth woven into this delightful take on the Wordle. Thanks, Amy

  28. Yes... Cyclic life... Will be more beautiful when we blend with the nature!
    Nice :)


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