Sunday, April 24, 2016

861 - One Day At a Time

Sunday Scribblings has the prompt : sequel

One Day At a Time

Yesterday was a pleasant day,
Today has promise too;
The leaves are switched to autumn,
The sky, a cobalt blue;
The past is just a memory,
The future, known to few.

All sequels are not really so,
Everything is new;
What happened once cannot return
No matter what you do:
Your age, the date, your state of mind—
The recurrences are few.

But we humans love our patterns,
They help explain our lot;
We try to reason out our lives,
To justify the plot.
But tomorrow comes regardless,
Prepared for it or not.

Tomorrow will be just as sweet,
Whatever you may say.
The sun will rise, the earth will turn,
The children laugh and play
The secret to a happy life
Is to live it day by day.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2016

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  1. What rubbish!
    Hallmark would be proud of you.
    Day-by-day is the motto of sheep.

  2. A wonderful poem dear Cosmo and great advice to live by.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. We cows like day by day. Especially in the milking season.

  4. Speaking as a dragon, I quite favour the past. It has served us well, why change?

  5. Autumn becomes you!
    Sometimes you are very sweet and sensible!

    1. Don't let appearances fool you. This man bites the heads off asparagus with barely a thought.

    2. Not true. I do think. I think "Thank you, asparagus!"

    3. I know that too ...then I can't say I haven't been warned can I ! :)

  6. What a curiously sensible poem. Each day is a bonus enjoy, it for heavens sake.

    1. Hang about! Are you saying my poems aren't normally sensible?
      Just curious, you understand.

  7. Well we loved it - like a fine wine - enjoy it while it lasts...

  8. I like the rhythm of this one. Nicely done.

    Happy A-Z.
    And thanks for visiting Nickers and Ink Poetry and Humor

  9. True, oh, so true...


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