Thursday, April 28, 2016

864 - Taking Flight

Midweek Motif: Openness.

Taking Flight

You open your heart
And give it to someone else—
Can they be trusted?

Forget the sweet words,
Openness means vulnerable,
Trust is essential.

You leave for the day,
Full of smiles, they wave you off
Then bitch to their friends.

The skies are open
And yet like will attract like:
Birds of a feather.

Old habits die hard—
Leopards will keep all their spots
And old dogs, old tricks.

Life is a playground:
Some things work and some things don’t.
Learn from the mistakes.

You take back your heart
And lock it safely away—
Somewhere sweet and warm.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2016

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  1. These are all good . I like the last one best of course . I am so easily seduced by sweet words:)

  2. These are all just excellent. I especially love the old dogs, old tricks, of course. Smiles. Reminds me of a cartoon I saw once where the caption was "I am a very old dog, and this is a very new trick."

  3. Enjoyed these. Yes, leopards do keep their spots......old dogs don't change. And there is some truth to the birds of a feather!!

  4. "Openness means vulnerable" true to some extent, a bit of wisdom will do good...nice set...

  5. "The skies are open
    And yet like will attract like:
    Birds of a feather.

    "Reminds me of social media. That is, mutual back scratching. Hahaha...
    Enjoyed reading these...!

  6. No doubt trust is essential as well as being honest and open :)

  7. Sad--reading these all as one poem--to feel the loss. I feel for the speaker. Like attracting like feels self-defeating here, and so--rather than experiencing the magic of trusting the right person--the cycle repeats itself. Fine writing.

  8. We wrap our hearts and keep them safe--sad--but so very eloquent this collection--it speaks to me

  9. "they bitch to their friends"

    Been there! (As the bitched-about one, of course!)

  10. Yes I can relate to this greatly....and we can learn from the mistakes. Wise raw and true J Cosmo!

  11. I don't have any spots, but I do have some tricks!

    An interesting, enjoyable, thought-provoking collection...

  12. The skies are open
    And yet like will attract like:
    Birds of a feather ... love this!

  13. Do old leopards have grey spots? ;-)
    Yes, liked them all but the last one, which left me a little depressed... Safe, sweet warm place that a heart is imprisoned in? That's not what hearts are made for!


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