Friday, May 10, 2024

1607 - The Journey of a River Stone


The Sunday Whirl presents twelve words for us to use in a creative writing piece.  
This weeks words are:

pebble, shiny, laden, ghost, mingled, blisters, gasping, vanishing, empty, scatter, forest, shadows

The Journey of a River Stone

In matters of style, swim with the current; 
in matters of principle, stand like a rock.
--Thomas Jefferson

Forged by the earth,
My start did not direct my end.
I was bigger then, rougher,
Laden with hope, perhaps,
Hope mingled with expectation.
I am bold and boulder. 
Weather played with me,
Bits blistered off, scree, pebbles,
Slowly parting, vanishing.
Cracks formed in me, I broke,
I parted with myself.
All families disperse, scatter.
No time to feel empty.
A river embraces me, rushes me,
Tumbling, gasping through rapids,
Tough times polish us.
I become smooth and shiny.
Eventually the river calms
I too calm, shallow waters
Beneath a forest canopy.
Sunlight and shadows flicker.
They say I have spirits, spirituality
Possibly even ghosts.

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  1. Beautiful, moving - and a piece to ponder. Thank you.

  2. I am bold and boulder. Just a brilliant line.

  3. This goes well with my water poem today. Water is soft but it can wear down rock.

  4. What a wonderful use of the words, I wouldn't have guessed the poem was a prompt! I love river stones, and smooth rocks. Rough ones too for that matter. So old, with so many tales to tell.

  5. Great us of words and so well written, it felt like reading a meandering river.

  6. I love the resolution in your poem, a gorgeous write and way to use those words!!

  7. "I am bold and boulder"

    Great line!

  8. Did you know those shiny and smooth are the ones still in the water. When they come out they become grayish and rougher looking. Take them home and tumble with very fine abrasive and that will restore some of the shine.
    I liked your erosion of our presentation.

  9. I love rocks, rivers and forests, so of course I also love this well-crafted poem!


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