Tuesday, May 21, 2024

1609 - The Temple


The Sunday Whirl presents twelve words for us to use in a creative writing piece.  
This weeks words are:

Forget, church, dancers, tea, robes, weed, sing, exultation, hope, squirrel, nuts, amen

The Temple

Forget the bricks and mortar,  
Forget the incense and incantations,  
Forget the pious gentlemen in crimson robes,  
Forget the singing and lamentations  
That fill these cavernous halls  
With exultation and misplaced hope.  

Step away from the pomp and ceremony,  
Step outside, into the real world,  
Into the forest, among the trees.  
Smell the eucalyptus, just be there.  
Even the weeds have flowers.  

Smoke drifts through the trees,  
Someone is boiling a billy, making tea.  
Possums, once thought to be squirrels,  
Timid dancers in the twilight, frolic. 
Nuts to the bricks and mortar.  
This is a church to embrace.  

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  1. YES. A church to embrace and to worship in.

  2. My kind of church. Boil the billy? First thought billy goat but looked it up. Who knew?

  3. Oh yes, Nature has the very best places of worship!

  4. Could not agree more! I live in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by pines and snowcapped mountains!!! You took a fascinating list of words and created a beautiful poem! Cheers.

  5. I haven't done this since I left the farm, left the home. I still have memories, I always had my dog with me down at the creek with trees and flowering weeds.

  6. It's one of my favorites too. I'm due for a visit.

  7. Yes, I had to look up "boil the billy". Glad I did nice to know a new term. I agree one is nearer God in nature than in most churches.

  8. Cosmo's poems are nothing if not educational.


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