Sunday, August 03, 2014

739 - The Heavenly Retirement Village

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #172) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are: 

irritation, sound, disclose, bliss, last, signal,
appetite, sun, flamboyant, jumbled, point, tire.

The Heavenly Retirement Village

What would life be 
Without irritations?
We humans, or some of us at least,
Pine for the eternal and unending 
Bliss of Heaven,
Possibly, for some, with added virgins,
Possibly with unending blue skies 
And glorious sunshine
And the sounds of golden trumpets.
But really? 
For an eternity?
For ever and ever and ever?
Surely we would tire of it?
Just as our earthly incarnations
Have little appetite for uniformity
And unending repetition,
Thinking of clothes, 
Of food, 
Of music,
We thrive on a jumbled life,
On a mixture of the flamboyant,
Of the mundane and of the different.

And that’s the point really,
Variety is truly the spice of life,
We want each day to disclose new things,
Granted, not disastrous things, but new things,
Each different to the last in some way,
In a way that tantalizes us, 
That surprises us,
That signals that today is different 
To yesterday.  
And to tomorrow.
If every day is the same
Where is the need for emotion?
For laughter, for tears, for surprise?
And, without emotion,
Where is life?
© J Cosmo Newbery 2014

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  1. Perhaps that's why we put our elderly in retirement villages, to prepare them for the monotony of heaven?

    1. Doesn't the Geneva Convention prohibit such cruelty to prisoners?

    2. The Geneva Conventions do, indeed! (I think.) But, really, who would want to live like that? I prefer to discover new things every day. If there were a real Heaven, I'd expect that.

      But, I'm not one of those who does or would "Pine for the eternal and unending
      Bliss of Heaven." Sounds boring. The image is just wrong!

      Peace, joy, and Bear hugs!

  2. That heavenly retirement village sounds pretty close to hell to me.
    Variety indeed - and then a looooong, dreamless sleep.

  3. Imagine dying with Alzheimer's Disease and then spending an eternity looking for your slippers...

  4. "Variety is truly the spice of life, We want each day to disclose new things" Loved those lines that are so true. Life would be mundane and boring with the same old same old.

  5. yes-- without emotion where is life.... it would be boring and empty... we need the things that challenge and shape us... blue sky is nice for a while but we def. need the variety of all kinds of "weather"

  6. Robinson Crusoe.August 03, 2014

    All sunshine in the tropics and people go mad. Go 'troppo'.

  7. Excellent, without emotion where is life? That is just spot on and so often it is forgotten. Great poem.

  8. Now you mention perpetual trumpeting angels might grind one down after a while..would rather skip the waiting room bit and get straight to the gates...when the right time comes of course

  9. I think I agree.. I remember living in Southern California and the persistent good weather made me go out and dance in the rain when it finally came. Variations is what make us change.

  10. Heaven knows what it will be like but certainly not in mankind's imagining. We are such a foolish species. We can't even maintain this world for our children. Ah well, all secrets will be revealed!

  11. what would this life be like without that's a must for us, "....humans, or some of us at least," love this line..

  12. I guess the truth is we always long for something we conceive as better than what we have. No cure for that but death.

  13. i will take the emotion and passion...for in that there is truly life...and in many ways we make our own point of life with what we choose to give value to.....

  14. I think we long for variety, sometimes we get more than we asked for.

  15. Very true. If everything is the same (albeit wonderful) day after day, it would be a monotonous life. Even retirement homes provide excursions into the outside world, thankfully.

  16. I'd miss the variety too. Besides, if there are no kids around, one cannot blame the young any more!

  17. applause! very wise and philosophical. I think I've learned some mighty lessons from your piece. You are awesome!!!

  18. I love spices but for me the finest one has to variety. Your piece really got me thinking. Brilliant.

  19. By George, you've got it! :-)

  20. I have a strong hunch that heaven beats anything here for variety. Our little pea brains aren't equipped to grasp it yet.

  21. I'm always surprised to see wisdon emerge from given words.
    The picture made me think it was about a spine/backbone, which of course, it wasn't:-)

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. I think you're absolutely right: We thrive on a jumbled life. I'm not sure I'd trade a dreary eternal sameness for the ups and downs, and joys and sorrows that spur me to write poems.

  24. i suppose you are right, if everything were always 'perfect,' we'd have nothing to dream brighter horizons to set our sights upon!

    stacy lynn mar

  25. Ha. Heaven can be boring. I like my life with its diversity, change and intrigue. But when things are not going so well, I yearn for a Heaven.
    I like your thoughts here. Nice way to appreciate life.

  26. Ah, again it's external variety. How about discovering spiciness of ourselves while encounter new variety? :)xx ~ Love the passion about blue skies!

  27. Change is inevitable and yet, I am always reluctant to accept it. The sheer volatility of life is something that should be appreciated but the fact that more often than not, the changes catch us unawares, we feel wary of what is to come. But without the spice of variety, life certainly would be so bland.

  28. Very philosophical, Cosmo........well said!

  29. true, a wise poem, we need something to appreciate the other.. variety in life and after.

  30. You know, this poem sums up my feeling about heaven too. Even reading about it in the Bible, didn't exactly thrill me to the idea too.

  31. I love it all especially: and without emotion, where is life?

  32. That doesn't sound like heaven to me. Missing all the adventures.


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