Tuesday, November 26, 2013

637 : Once in a blue moose...

A work colleague tried to tell me that Swedish Mooses
were one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gases on the planet. 
I disagreed, of course, but a limerick seemed appropriate.

Once in a blue moose…

A moose that lives in cold Sweden
Does little ‘xcept feedin’ and breedin’,
It’s said that its farting
Is thoroughly disheartening
And speeds the ice cap’s recedin’
© J Cosmo Newbery 2013
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  1. Flatula FoghornNovember 27, 2013

    Farting is no laughing matter. In 1210 the Emporer Quang died from the result of soldiers farting in unison on parade as a joke.The Emporer held his breath for so long that he keeled over and dropped down dead!

  2. With the moose up there and the cows down here...we should ship them all down to the Antarctica so Harry and his mates can start their trek across the snow and ice!

  3. It's probably the farts from those drunken moose eating fermented apples that have fallen off trees.

  4. Hillarious!

  5. ha! Too funny J. I just read in the news this morning that a shark was found choking on a moose in Newfoundland. Maybe it's true and it's so bad that sharks are taking matters into their own hands...err mouths?

  6. by 'biggest', maybe he meant by individual size. or is that just too generous an interpretation.

    The Dalai Lama on farting

    it's not just the birds and bees
    whose gas will litter the breeze
    a camel or llama
    and the Holy Dalai Lama
    who will air it whenever they please

  7. Same could be said about our abundant supply of Canadian Moose.

    Peace and joy!

  8. I chuckled - is there a methane to your madness ? Good one

  9. funny!! Made me think of Bullwinkle and Rocky...the old cartoon

  10. Funny, it reminded me of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney! Oops, sorry...

    This was fartalicious! Fartastic! A fart-filled fantasy... ha ha, still laughing 'til I am almost doing the same as the moose!! Love your writing, Cos... Amy

  11. Yes appropriate! Cosmo, don't know you. Have not seen you. But I read your commentary at dVerse. I loved that you read about 20 blogs. I read about seven or a few more. I write here because I really do want critique, at least upon my war poetry. Which I might add is the only poetry of mine that I am really serious about. I am an old lady, my war poetry came from 2 experiences that I have had and also from working with veterans. I have only been writing poetry for about 4-5 years. So, I will swap reads with you if you are willing to critique my poetry (most especially my war poetry. Thanks, Liz


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