Friday, November 22, 2013

634 : The Moppet

dVerse Poets challenges us to write a Nerudan ode.

The Moppet

Sweet and pure
To the viewer,
All flounce and bounce,
And basely pure,
A coquette
With hair hot-curled
And perfect skin
And glowing
To defy her age,
In frocks
And smocks
And bobby socks
And yet her eyes
Are knowing
Of her role—
A toy thing
In a corporate world.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2013

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  1. oy, yes...already picked early to be the play thing...already sucked in to the game....i escaped corporate world about 10 years ago, thank goodness...for they will use her and spit her out before she gets too old...

  2. This hurts to anyone that want children to be children.. so sad to be a toy instead of using them...

  3. Very sad to think of children that old being already used as 'toys.'

  4. That's a sad turn, to be the "toy" in the corporate world ~ But then it takes two sides to play the game ~ If the child & her parents are willing partners then its a contract on both sides ~ (That's my business mind talking, smiles) ~

  5. We're all toys and tools for the corporate world - and most of us are too apathetic to do anything about it.

  6. ugh...i hate when they force children to grow up before their time.. pre-tag their path already.. it's sad

  7. well conceived and executed, shining light on a shameful practice ~

  8. You have been nailing some ugly truths in recent poems. Thank you.

  9. Very cleverly written and rather wry Ode. It makes me think of the exploitative farce of the Beauty Pageant circuit - happily not yet spread to Europe.

  10. The corporate world will make her grow up quickly..hopefully, she can hold on to a piece
    of her childhood.

  11. I do blame the parents. They should protect their children. But, I guess they are deceived about what is real and important in life.

  12. Perhaps her knowing about it can give her more choices. Your poem made her real to me.

  13. "In frocks
    And smocks
    And bobby socks" I think these lines became tonight's lullaby; what an incantation. Lovely!


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