Wednesday, August 03, 2016

883 - A Few Key Points

Haiku Horizon has the prompt: key

A Few Key Points

The key to the lock.
What treasures lie behind it?
Do we want to know?


A happy marriage—
Just love them for who they are,
Don’t try to change them.

A double edged sword
That cuts in both directions;
Acceptance is key.


The key to the door
The 21 year old's gift.
Not any longer.

21 year old
Already has ev’ry thing
From the age of 10.


A chastity belt.
A Crusader’s parting gift.
But don’t lose the key.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2016

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  1. An Italian woman this year lost the key to her chastity belt and had to call the fire brigade. Needless to say the firemen were unavailable for comment.
    It is now believed that the Crusader chastity belt fable is a medieval hoax.
    You are not keeping up with the times. Kids have everything before 10 now.I don't think they can divorce their parents before they are ten though.Well not yet anyway:)

    1. I am v glad to hear that the chastity belt may be an early urban myth. I always worried for the wives of crusaders who didn't return.

  2. The key to the many problems that we create is the inability to trust. Chastity belt is a case in point!


  3. Love these...all those darn keys..

  4. JC
    that last one always made me in my mind gasp Oh the horror, the horror
    thanks for the freedom of being a woman today with the right to demand trust

    much love...

  5. Ah, these are really cutting.

  6. The key to living a good life...


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