Friday, September 02, 2016

893 - Terror Australis

Three Word Wednesday requires participants
to use the three words of the week in a composition.
The words this week are: Tart, Underhand & Vindictive.

Terror Australis


The poor, the weak, the dispossessed,
The unprepared to die.
“Please help us!” was the plea expressed,
“Sit and rot!” the tart reply.

My country, what has become of you?
Your compass has no bearing;
The light that once your beacon threw
Is now totally uncaring.

Underhand and so unfair,
A plan devoid of feeling;
We hurry on as if unaware
Of the life, and lives, we’re stealing.

Vindictive is too soft a word
To convey the depth of hurting
That on our watch has now occurred
But collectively we’re skirting.

We cannot say we did not know,
A lie we are now spreading.
How have we come to sink so low?
Where is it that we’re heading?
© J Cosmo Newbery 2016

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  1. We can only blame ourselves for voting in an uncaring, manipulative government, but in addition they are slaves to multinational companies who will desert us when the profit runs out.

    1. Really? Which multinational companies do you attribute our detention policy to?

  2. Excellent and timely.

  3. Terror Australis, whatever is that?...powerful people always stooped so low....

    1. Terra Australis - the Southern Land.
      An early cartographic description of Australia.

  4. We have a lot to account for - the 'first' world does not necessarily mean moral or right or safe.. let's just hope we do not become a ghetto of walls

  5. While it may relate to the ills of olden times of settlement it is also relevant to the official reactions to the boat people hoping for a new life there in the recent past!


    1. It pains me that I have to spell it out but this is precisely about the crimes against humanity being perpetrated and ignored on Nauru and Manus Islands. Do not be fooled into sanitising it by thinking it is in the past. It is now. It is real. And it is wrong.

    2. If almost a half a million people voted for Pauline Hanson...why are you surprised? The media is all powerful globally. He who controls and owns the media is God...and the sheep follow, believe and behave accordingly.I made this up. It is not a bible quote (just in case you thought it was really good:)

  6. Where indeed? Speaking up appears to be doing little good so far – yet we must continue to do so; it seems to be the only hope.

  7. I see the same thing happening in all part of the world... and I guess there is so much fear released by pundits that it will get worse before anything gets better...

  8. A sad situation indeed!

  9. Very apt questions. Compassion seems to have been set aside, as eyes are averted from the suffering of humanity as a whole. And the pain goes on.

  10. Questions screamed right out of experience's guts.

  11. Thank you for choosing to be a voice in this current wilderness,


  12. The persecution of the the poor, the weak, the dispossessed - a cancer on this world.

  13. Well done!!! Clearly understood.

  14. Excellent! In great compelling meter, too.


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