Thursday, September 08, 2016

896 - The Vows

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #264) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are a challenging lot:

lightness, bee, cuttlefish, flake, sparkle, shine,
mutable, veiled, precise, ignorant, tapestry, threat

The Vows

The table was set up so neatly,
The cakes on crystal stands,
The tableware all sparkled
And displayed the best of brands.
They sat together and sipped nice tea
Though neither one had hands.

The cuttlefish had set the table
And also made the cake
The bee admired its lightness
And the skill it took to bake,
She compared it most precisely
To a delicate snowflake.

“Little bee, I do love thee so,
May I take your hand, um leg?
I want you to be my wife,
Agree to this, I beg!
The little bee was so greatly taken
She blushed a deep deep red.

Life they say is mutable,
It changes day by day.
While the ignorant may laugh and point
In a threatening sort of way,
The little bee and her cuttlefish
Were married on a sleigh.

The minister was a reindeer,
With a nose of oddish red,
The little bee wore a tu-tu
And a veil upon her head.
The cuttlefish wore a waistcoat
But refused to leave his bed.

The sun shone upon the group
And upon those who were not there,
The happy couple swapped their vows
And read poems by Voltaire
While a beaver wove a tapestry
To catch the whole affair.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2016
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  1. Those opening lines set the scene and then you turned it on its head by introducing two unlikely diners. Charming and humorous I could visualize every word. Very elegantly written as well, very clean, and professional


  2. This could be made into a great children's book

  3. Shades of The Owl and the Pussycat.
    This is delightful.

  4. A beautiful gift for your grandchildren...a book of poems with illustrations. Delightful !

  5. A prefect fairy tale wedding

  6. I agree, J, this is a delightful piece of writing.


  7. Tantalising, reads like a fairytale

  8. "The little bee wore a tu-tu / And a veil upon her head." awww...

  9. May I take your hand, um leg?...delightful..

  10. Did you tumble down the rabbit hole - we are very pleased you did :)

  11. Now THIS was a fun read!

  12. This is very much the same kind of fantasy I would expect from Lewis Carroll... fun and sweet.

  13. This is wonderful to read, and picture..........I especially love the sipping tea without hands.

  14. This is sheer delight. I love-love-love rhyme done well - and you have nailed it. The images contained in the unfolding courtship/matrimonial scenes are WONDER-ful! Lastly, I think that the piece is a splendid tongue-in-cheek droll satire on the somewhat fantastic idea of vowing to spend the rest of your existence with the same cuttlefish/bee: as in FOREVER!!! Though, today is my 45th wedding anniversary - and I must say, that I have found the concept less incredible as time goes by - ha! These kind of pieces require a lot more work and thought than one might think ... especially those who have not set off on a great rhyming/fantasy voyage into the unknown. Great job on this!

  15. Put me in mind of both Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear! Deftly done, and lots of fun to read.

  16. I love this marriage between a fairy tale and fable to make a poem. It is perfect. I admire the love of the bee and the cuttlefish, the dedication of their friends, Nature's obvious complicity... and your magnificently fun rhyme! ♥♥

  17. What fun this is to read and be entertained by your chuckling humour. The reader is able to picture every scene so well.

  18. you have woven an utterly delightful tale with those prompt words.
    it is really not easy, and the added bonus is the rhymes chug along so joyously. :)

  19. Fun, fun, fun! May I presume that Lewis Carroll is your muse?


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