Sunday, September 25, 2016

918 - Trickle Down

Three Word Wednesday requires participants
to use the three words of the week in a composition.
The words this week are: infected, irritable and jarring.

Trickle Down

The world seems so irritable,
So fraught with social woes,
The paradise promised
Unevenly disposed.

The fear,
(Of those who hear)
But it can’t continue
Without an equitable result, 
Attended to.

We bought 
The ‘trickle down’ effects:
The rich would care for us.

But they hoarded all the warm bread
And also kept the crusts.

And so,
As these things go,
Instead, infected disillusion
Brings a jarring of the parapets,
Come the revolution.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2016

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  1. We bought their lies and they cornered all for themselves. Who would want to give without strings attached? Very true Cosmo!


  2. But they hoarded all the warm bread
    And also kept the crusts....true that!

  3. Do you plan to lead the revolution? It can be a bad career move...

  4. It is a sobering day when you realise there is no safety net.. it is surprising how there hasn't been revolutions.. maybe technology moved us away from direct action

  5. Noting Jae's answer above, the problem is that we are mollifyed by the fact there is an opposition to the ruling party hopefully with our interests at heart...what fools us!

  6. We are in dire need of a revolution

  7. " The world seems so irritable,
    So fraught with social woes,
    The paradise promised
    Unevenly disposed."

    Like this verse a lot, for it zero's in on the problem of mismanagement and unfairness. I never think in turns of not enough, that for me is not the problem. its rather greed/equity

    Wishing you a nice Sunday

    much love...

  8. A timely poem! We may be on the verge........

  9. The trickle down effect never really worked. I am afraid if a certain candidate gets in office we will feel the tears of the trickle down.

  10. "Come the revelation." Hear hear. Bring it on.

    Maybe before we receive, we must offer --- good energy, joy, kisses to the universe.

  11. Yes, I can hear the hordes pounding at the gates........come the revolution indeed.

  12. I fear the revolution, but sometimes evolution just fails... remember dinosaurs did not become birds without devastation.

  13. Whoa!Feisty and sharpen our swords...

  14. A well worded warning of what's waiting

  15. An excellent commentary and a portent of what often comes in the wake of decades of ignorance, arrogance and neglect by policos. I've toed in a few times on this very important and timely theme but alas - thus far - I haven't been able to do the "state-of-affairs" justice with my pen. You, nailed it!

  16. the plight of so many people and the great social divide :(


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