Sunday, July 30, 2006


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  1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2006

    IT'S ALIVE !!!

    a miracle, friends


  2. AnonymousJuly 30, 2006

    Was /t. ever not so?

  3. Otter: In otter words... I'm not clear here on what you're trying to say...

  4. Dear Cosmo...
    I am pleased that you are well-
    I was very sad to find you missing.

    The dog and I are gloriously happy, or at least flea-free so far :)
    /grrrr :)

    I often think of you though...when I'm not playing fetch, or rubbing ears...or sending K9 photos of me.
    Glad to read your telegraph ;)
    -Mayden :)

  5. AnonymousJuly 30, 2006

    I wish he would stop.

  6. stop what?...

    lol! to the first comment!

    ahh..Cosmo!..sniff!sniff!..I missed you sooo....

  7. you're the man, babeeee

  8. Are you in Italy, Cosmo? Our hero with three Sicilians? How English!

  9. Nice place for a dinner...

  10. hmmmmmmmm a NICE PLACE for wine............too

  11. Oh, I love a telegram that bears good news!

  12. Cosmo, no offense, but couldnt you have waited a little longer until we got more into the "Who's On First" routine?!?

  13. Cosmo, we DID this already on the first set of comments! What is on second? Stop being goofe.

  14. and lucky
    I Don't Know
    is on third base...

  15. Message Start: Arriving soon to meet you for our dinner. Let Sancho call me "sinner." Be at dock at ten past noon.

    Maidens are so picayune but flowers are not minor. Message Start: Arriving soon to meet you for our dinner.

    Ties are sweet to girls who swoon but I know knots much finer. Cosmo, dear, meet my liner; to your charms I'm not immune. Message Start: Arriving soon.

  16. I ain't sure I get it, but I'm glad ya din't stop.
    But, it seemed t'me ya rhymed plenty in the telegram ya just dropt.
    'Course the rhyme was always stop, but, that's fair, is it not?
    And, after all, it's better'n washing the floor with a mop.
    Omigod omigod, I is stuck, I can't stop.
    But, it won't make any sense, the poem will be a flop!
    Oh, lordy! I wouldn't really call this "plop"
    A poem whether or not it rhymed, and to that I'll just top
    It with the simple statement; Rhymes rarely prove the worth of poetry tis content that counts fer most. Glad yer back, J Cosmo Newberry, and to that, I offer a toast....

    Lightly buttered fer me, the k9 a bone and a donut fer the cop,

    and the fair Maiden? she has all Heaven in which to do her bee bop.

    and may ya always have hannilie, lux, nea lillie and thursdaynext
    to help ya find whatever rhyme
    ya want in yer next text.

  17. Boneman- really- you are so funny! :)

  18. Uh, oh.

    I hate to be the bearer of sad news, but according to their official website, Western Union discontinued its telegraph service on January 27, 2006.

    So, either this is an ancient post written long before Sir Cosmo's disappearance, or a forgery!

    I don't know who has posted this, but I want to know. Where is Sir Cosmo!? What have you done to him?!

    We will not rest until Sir J. has returned safely to the ether from which he came. Mark my words!

  19. so...

    be an


  20. Hey. Sure enough. I went back to the telegram and the second letters of the first two words were "et"

    WOW! Intergallactic blogging!


  21. Not cheeky anymore... :(
    Lux, shall we bang on doors again?

  22. still nothin' new?
    what will/should we do
    t'intice ya t,write some more?

    Send ya flowers and things?
    or together we sings?
    or throw us down kicking and screamin'
    a tantrum like none's ever dreamin'
    right in the middle of yer floor?

  23. COOOSMOOOOOO!!!!! ( bangin' on door...agaiiin!)

  24. Sorry, girls. Dinner in Italy is taking a little longer than expected.

  25. cosmo cosmo, he's our man.
    But lillie seems t'like his can.
    she won't let him come out and play.
    what? Not even one lil poetry say?

  26. Good heaven's boneman, I haven't anything to do with what the man decides or what inspiration may strike him -- or not. He does what pleases.

  27. I won't say it's the first time I misunderstood, it seems easier than you may imagine.
    For example you wrote:
    Lillie said...
    "Sorry, girls. Dinner in Italy is taking a little longer than expected."
    So, I reckon I thought it was dinner with you, and if not, then yer forgiveness I be beggin'.
    Meant nothin' bad here, jus' jokin' but, now reflected.
    I come t'realize, maybe y'all haven't either seen his eyes
    and m'whole poetic thing is rejected.

    I actually did it a couple of times before, the funniest just recently, and the words seemed t'be more important.
    She said her grandson's dog she was missing, I asked if she ever found it, but not answered, kept asking over and over.
    Suddenly she noticed the way I had read it, was that the dog was missing, but, instead she was missing the dog, Rover.
    It wasn't that it was gone, only gone from her
    and anyway, we've not always seen eye t'eye.
    So, whenever I kept askin, she probably thought me taskin'
    her particular objectivity.
    When I was just curious, and, well, concerned fer the dog, which I don't personally know but it bothered me.

  28. Methinks
    the dead C riseth

    but elsewhere

    the sanitized
    the politcal correct
    and other dead

  29. Say, without anyone's permission,
    I thought of a new competition,
    one that might get the juices flowin, ah, alas.
    I've no woman t'throw in the winner's circle
    but, how 'bout fer a new shiney nickle?
    Five cents ain't much, but it won't break like glass.

  30. still havin' dinner??( eyes rolling!)

  31. I want a blog...

    but I don't want to show up and actually participate...

    but still people can come over and chat & create & leave comments...

    why, this blog...

    yes, this is the perfect blog!


  32. He went t'dinner one night and fell in love, so
    And all of his friends missed him y'know.

    So, one day he came back, and was heard (?) t'write....


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