Thursday, July 06, 2006

XI - Sunflower

photo by Katinka Matson


I saw her standing on her own,
When strolling out one day;
She caught my glance and with a frown
She quickly turned away.

“Wait! Wait! I cried “Don’t turn away!
You really fascinate me.
You’re a lovely lass and if I may,
I’d be honoured if you’d date me.”

“Go, Sir” said she, “It would be best;
Your affection is misguided.
My head is big, my clothes a mess,
The relationship one sided.

“That is not so! It cannot be!
You are tall and full of grace.
You are a radiant beauty
And the sun shines from your face.”

“You would need a ladder to kiss me
And your nose would start to bleed.
Go now Sir; and never miss me
When my face has gone to seed.

She would not budge or even bend,
For reasons I’m not knowing.
We parted friends but now and then
I wonder how she’s going.
© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. What a delight! Do all the flowers treat you so poorly? I hope not!

    (I happen to have some sunflowers growing in the front yard this year that my son planted. They are the short variety. I did not even know they existed!)

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  3. I love the poem, especially the stanza...

    "You would need a ladder to kiss me
    And your nose would start to bleed.
    Go now Sir; and never miss me
    When my face has gone to seed."

    You have an amazing talent for word play. I do love talking flowers, like the ones in Alice and Wonderland!

  4. Love the title for this blog, JC...but I imagine you must need fairly large serviette's as these are not small things you are working on here... not the usual scribblings found on napkins...but I do suppose the creative spirit works best when there is that relaxation that comes from not having a legal pad or fancy notebook.

  5. I can't place the inspiration for this one and since it seems that your poems have mostly been compliments for the ladies that visit here -- will you enlighten me?
    Watch out Cosmo! You may end up with an audience clamoring for more than enough to make your head swim, your hand ache, and yes, your store of serviettes diminished!

  6. It was her loss.

    A long time ago, I used a field of sunflowers to make a pilot fall inlove with me. It was an avenue into his heart, I told him where a thousand yellow flowers turned their faces to the sun, to fly over them on the island. And to think of me.

  7. Josephine- that was beautiful!

    JCN- Josephine is right- The Sunflower- it was her loss.

  8. No-one in particular, Lillie; no-one in particular.

    The photo was courtesy of Mikaelah.

  9. Lillie: I think more than half the posts have other inspiration. The worry of doing too many vignettes is the effect on those who miss out for no reason but my own creative failings. Perhaps I best stop while I still have my head?

  10. Yes... the problem of the tall damsel...

    A fine poem. For myself, I might make one small change, replacing,

    "My head is big, my clothes a mess,
    The relationship one sided."

    ... with the thematically more complex,

    "My head is big, so is my chest,
    The two a bit lop-sided."

    This has the virtue of adding a horizontal dimension to the poem which is as substantial as the vertical conundrum that you pose.

  11. I do wonder sometimes, Cosmo, if you will lose your head to a maiden, but I suspect you prefer a variety of more artful women who can keep your head at attention. Leave the maidens to men who are easily entertained.

  12. lovely..lovely!...Now I wish we were having sunshine instead of rains....I'd have to get me some flowers for my new home later!


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