Thursday, July 13, 2006

XVII - Lost in the woods.

[The scene] Some woods, a knight sits at the base of a tree, arms crossed on his knees, head resting on his arms. His faithful manservant, Sancho, stands looking at him, hands on hips.

xxxx Master, you have sat alone for so long,
xxxx Shoulders slumped, head on your knees;
xxxx Pray tell me what is wrong,
xxxx Perhaps I can put your mind at ease.

[The Knight]
xxxx Sancho, thank you, your heart is pure gold,
xxxx If the truth be known, I have lost my way.
xxxx I’m a “fawning old man”, or so I’m told.
xxxx Is that how I’m to be viewed at the end of the day?

xxxx But Master, that’s only one woman’s view;
xxxx Perhaps said lightly, as if for effect.

[The Knight]
xxxx I’m sad to advise, but there are two,
xxxx One is but nought but one I respect.

xxxx O Master, please give such feelings the shove,
xxxx You must rise above them and continue the fight!
xxxx Take up the challenge! Pick up the glove!
xxxx Ride into battle for what is right!

[The Knight]
xxxx This quest could give me more pain than I want
xxxx I leave myself open to be smacked again.
xxxx But what is misery to a knight errant?
xxxx Sancho! Come quick! Bring me my pen!

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do -- and Sancho wants that horse!
    Such a tragic knight. Buck up, honey, and stay the course.

  2. Your faithful manservant stands thee in good stead. Bravo!

    Ya know, I don't really get Lillie, or Nea, and I think not Josephine either, as I just mentioned over on Lillie's blog. Perhaps they embody the Mystery of woman?

  3. Dearest Newbery- Thank you...
    You have blessed me~

  4. Jane Eyre loved a fawning old man (she 18, he almost 40), so I hope the knight isnt too sad. Alas, I agree with the "honey?" question.

    It should really be, "buck up, toots."

  5. Thursdaynext- Wedding planner, are you not? :) I enjoyed reading over your blog...
    "18 to 40"- Makes me wonder what the age difference between myself and this gentleman is. Of course it does not matter- as dear Cosmo is obviously young enough to make my heart flutter, and wise enough to handle me with care- as some younger men have yet to learn to do...

    Being an "older knight" is a plus in my book~ a minimum of 10 years older than me is just a beginning point :) Words and age, like wine- are better with time...

  6. yeah, toots, let's have at it...

  7. Percival! You would woo the Mayden but profess to not understanding women? Are you the right man for the job?

  8. I want to know what Cosmo understands about women. ;)

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  10. Yeah, "honey." It's one of those fiat things, like a royal "we." I bestow it on quite a few animated creatures, including my dog, the neighbors, children, and wretched knights--It's a figure of speech. Toots.

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  12. Dear Cosmo- it has been a long day and I have missed you...
    I send a big warm hug and a freshly baked choc. chip cookie.

    Is there anything else I can do?
    -Cora :)

  13. Sir Cosmo: But Woman is essential mystery, even Billy Joel says so -

    "She can wait if she wants
    She can do as she pleases,
    She can sneeze in the breeze
    She may cross her fair kneeses..."

    - Always a Woman to Me

    Plus you've got the Eagles with Witchay Woman...

  14. So quiet in these woods...
    Makes me worry about you.

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