Friday, July 07, 2006

XII - The Dove

The Dove

Stop a while; I’ll tell you a tale
Of how your defences can fail.
On a bright sunny day
I was carried away
When the white dove looked at me.

From among the great crowd
She stood defiant and proud;
The rest of the flock
Were just common stock
When the white dove looked at me.

What words can carry my passion?
I was swept off in a glorious fashion;
What a wonderful feeling!
My senses went reeling
When the white dove looked at me.

My friends wonder how I can bear it;
I admit their case has some merit.
It sounds quite absurd:
I fell in love with a bird
When the white dove looked at me.

Now I sit here internally bleeding
Unsure where it all is leading;
The world fell apart
And I lost my heart
When the white dove looked at me.
© J Cosmo Newbery
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  3. Perfection. This made me giggle, you should publish these.

  4. When animals see/look/connect like that it is just as you said. Ruffles a few feathers.

  5. Nice one:)

    Now ...have to go through your blog


  6. Flights of Mind: Do it now! Why wait? But I jest; of course you have much better things to do.

  7. IMPORTANT: I note that there have been some feathers flying on other blogs.

    Any comments posted that I, with my divine right as the determiner of posting propriety, deem to be unsuitable will be deleted.

  8. A dove that coos-
    And sweetly lands...
    On your shoulder,
    Eats from you hands~

    But one that fled-
    That, I would never be-
    A kiss dear Cosmo-
    On your stubbled cheek-

    (or clean shaven- which ever the case may be! LOL~!)

  9. Perhaps we could try both, in the spirit of research...

  10. Nice poem and pic!!

  11. AnonymousJuly 09, 2006

    Cora and Cosmo: Such effrontery!

    I challenge thee Cosmo: A duel at dawn.

    Cora proposes the topic on her blog. We each have one week to post a poem upon the subject. We would have to have some sort of voting procedure on one of our blogs to decide the winner and set a date for the end of voting.

    Then Cora will have to confine all flirtations to one or the other of us for the entire duration of one month. For without this sort of long term committment, what is love?

    I shall not brook this foul impudence and saucery and knavishness!

    Mark me... Unless some Mercutio comes along to take the blade, thy fate is sealed, young Cosmo...

  12. JCN-
    In the name of research? Yes...I think so :) Also- I got your note and did as you asked ;)

    I read this- but I have to leave quickly...I'll respond this evening :)

  13. Good words, j newbery, and well put.

    On the other hand, I'm still in giggle mode from visiting yer other site with the "post" and the "links" which were so very appropriately a post and links!

    However, as for my math skills? Well, if I win, I'll end up hiring an accountant, anyway, eh?

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  15. This is a truly lovely poem as was your other below.
    ....yah, okay now, when are ya'll gonna get this duel thing started?

  16. Cosmo, I love reading your poem.
    On a silly lighter note: We joked in our househol that when our Labrador ever dies and need to come back in a second life he would be a duck, he loves the water....wonder what the dove use to be? Fair maiden?

  17. Hannelie~ What the white dove used to be? A horse, a unicorn? I'd really have to stop and think about to ponder! :)

  18. Mayden: I like the unicorn idea, the eyes would look similar when it stares at you in all wiseness.


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