Sunday, July 09, 2006

XIII - The Challenge

[The scene] The young upstart, Percy Bysshe Silly, has issued a challenge to our hero, the Knight. He stands in a clearing with his faithful manservant, Sancho.

xxxx"You must take up the glove, of course.
xxxxSuch challenges must be met.
xxxxI'll be there beside you, with my horse.
xxxxWell, it's pretend really; it's all that I could get."

[The Knight]
xxxx"Sancho, I really doubt it wise.
xxxxWhat does it show of me, a virile male,
xxxxTo lower myself to such enterprise,
xxxxAnd what if I was to fail?"

xxxx"But Master, don't forget the prize!
xxxxThe lovely maiden: pure and sweet and chaste!
xxxxOf course, you may do otherwise
xxxxBut I beg of you: Accept! Post haste!"

[The Knight]
xxxx"But would a maid who sorts her beaux
xxxxBy way of pre-dawn thrust and parry
xxxxBe the sort of maid I'd want to know?
xxxxIn a biblical sense, maybe. But marry?"

xxxx"O Master, do not worry so!
xxxxWith your skills, your opposite is quaking!
xxxxEnter! I beg of you; there's a week to go
xxxxAnd the prize is worth the taking!"

[The Knight]
xxxx"To protect the young maid's honour I'll
xxxxRespond to the taunting of this clown!
xxxxTo fight in such a tawdry way is vile
xxxxBut if declined, how would I live it down?"

xxxx"Thank you Master! I will be your second!
xxxxI expect you'll trounce the cad, of course.
xxxxBut if things don't go as I've reckoned...
xxxxDo you think I could have your horse?"

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Never mind previous comment in below post. I see the dueling has started...
    soooooo, break a leg, err, a word?

  2. Sadly, I fear I am outgunned. The upstart Percy can call in votes from every policeman in NY.

  3. AnonymousJuly 10, 2006

    Truly I do quake! Lol!

    Yet suppose not, O most churlish and reptilian unkempt cad, that thou shalt intimidate me as we await word on the proposed topic from the fair one.

    Talking trash is talking trash,
    I shall not flinch nor gulp.
    Thou can'st not turn my face white ash;
    I turn the heads of blocks to pulp.

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  5. They are all worth a fight; the true gentleman defends them all. And, God willing, there will be some fight in them too.

  6. Thank you x-dell; you are obviously a man of discerning taste. A rare and most admirable quality.

  7. A thousand ships launched,
    And Dragons Slayed~
    Sampsons secret spilled-
    For the love of a "maid"...

    Kingdoms built,
    Villages burned to a crisp-
    Knights mortally wounded,
    For a maidens kiss.

    And was the risk worth it?
    Was the maid worth the blood?
    As his arms encircled her body-
    He knew- he'd have died for her love!

    But what of THIS duel?
    One of words, prose and wit?
    Oh- These men will be safe,
    No blood will be spilt!

    And what of the maid?
    She's embarrased, but glad-
    This is( by far)the most bloggy fun,
    She's EVER had!!!

    -Cora/Maydens Voyage :)

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  9. So, I take it you plan to vote for Sir Percy Bysshe Silly.

    I'm not hurt. I'm not upset. No, no, don't worry about me. I'm fine, thank you. Just fine.

  10. Okay now,
    I'm ready for some fun silliness...
    let's go...

  11. Gentle Newbery- a scented handkerchief for you, warmed from being close to my body- given as a token of my affection for you, in light of the "slight" of one of your previous admirers...
    Be comforted~

  12. I love it here! I may wander back again. Poetry, prose and whimsy. What more could one want?

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  14. AnonymousJuly 11, 2006

    How would you know if they did? You know, if they told you then they haven't, have they? Sort of.

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