Thursday, December 13, 2012

CDXIX - Low Water Allotment

Three Word Wednesday requires participants
to use the three words of the week in a composition.
The words this week were abnormal, dangle and lavish.

Low Water Allotment

The hair is slicked and oozes Brylcream, 
The smile is fixed and set on 'high-beam';
Cowboy boots, rubbed down with grease,
Designer jeans, ironed with a crease.
A gold chain dangling around his neck
And a mouth that can’t be kept in check.
A breath that scented with a musky spray
And the sense of a lion stalking its prey.

The brochure’s lavish, in weight and ink.
The photos designed to make you think
That the property that is his to show;
Is the best around and will quickly go;
That an abnormal bargain is close at hand
Should you purchase the offered land.
But you will learn, to your chagrin,
That it disappears when the tide is in.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2012
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  1. Isn't that true of so many things..I wonder what type of houses estate agents live in..solid..non shiny ones that withstand fire and flood?

  2. This is so true and perfectly said !!!

  3. I know that guy--he sold me a car a few years ago! This is right on, a stalking lion.

  4. LOL.... Buyer beware... step father used to use

  5. This pictures in my head inspired by this post are very ugly indeed. A success for you.

  6. A mand with no water has a dry sense of humour.

  7. Reminiscent of the Russell Island infamous land scams in the early Seventies!

    Another pertinent verse, Cosmo

  8. you describe this shyster so perfectly. ahhh...and quite the perfect ending.

  9. ohhhh I think he might be a second or third cousin of mine ....!


  10. Great pic. Real estate agents and used car salesmen + lawyers+ financial advisors etc the list goes on and on for irks.

  11. Ha ha -- the ending is a LITERAL killer!


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