Wednesday, December 05, 2012

CDXVI - A Fluid Affair

'1914" - Pen Drawing by Norman Lindsay

Three Word Wednesday requires participants
to use the three words of the week in a composition.
The words this week were battle, fluid and harvest.

A Fluid Affair

War is a fluid affair,
Where battles ebb and flow,
Where warm blood is spilt,
And death is hard and slow.

War is like an ocean,
Where heroes rise and fall,
Where no-one stops to ask
Why they are there at all.

War is like a tempest,
Where mud is mixed with sweat,
Where lovers pen sweet letters
To remember and forget.

War is relentless weeping
Where tears well up and fall,
Where our young are harvested
And returned to grace the soil.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2012

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  1. I read the last two lines as more than slightly ironic.

    Her Three Poems

  2. A beautiful use of the 3 words. The ending grabs your heart.

  3. The futility so wonderfully illustrated..i doubt you could be in a war zone if you thought too much about why? jae

  4. Yes, I've been thru it and it's like that...

  5. No way around it... war is all of these and more.

  6. This is a stunningly beautiful war poem. It says all that needs to be said in such terms as to make your heart fill with sadness and love. Glad you chose the Australian artist Norman Lindsay to illustrate this work.

  7. And really, there are no winners in war either only the arms dealers.
    This is such a sad subject but, a truly beautiful poem.

  8. Very good, Cosmo...well said.

  9. stunning! a strong and poignant write. I like the structured pattern linking each stanza.

  10. True, true, true. And just the same we keep on both fighting wars and beginning new ones. Hiss and spit.

  11. Normally I do not like war poems but I concur with everyone here that this is a beautiful one.Fluid in flow rhythm and rhyme. is just too sad sometimes.

  12. So powerfully written!

  13. Poignant and touching. My favorite line is "where our young are harvested".

  14. "Returned to grace the soil." Does it make me less of a man to say you brought tears to my eyes? One can only weep . . .

  15. This is like a cross between Rupert Brooke, and Kipling - and both would have understood what you are on about. Beautifully done indeed!

  16. This is so beautifully sad! Your writing has ripped a hole in my heart.

  17. Excellent work, and perfectly timed for my visit in the waning moments of Pearl Harbor day.


    1. You must be in a different time zone. One minute to midnight here.


  18. I like the rhyme and I really love the last line!

  19. This is a very beautiful piece of writing, pulls every string in the heart!


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