Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reflection 5 : Bananas

I had a conversation once.

One of those acrimonious  comment jousts
You find on  libertarian websites.

“Why”, I asked, “do you need a gun?”

“In case the Mexican drug lords invade the US”, I was told.

Well, the gentleman in question lived in Ohio.

This was no place for logic and reason.


If you give people cars, some will misuse them.

If you give people alcohol, some will misuse it.

If you give people guns, some will misuse them.

The unasked question is:

How much misuse can you tolerate?

© J Cosmo Newbery 2012

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  1. We, as a society, tolerate more misuse of alcohol, cars and guns than I am comfortable with. A wuss, obviously.


  2. You said: "Well, the gentleman in question lived in Ohio. This was no place for logic and reason."

    Being from "down under" I guess you feel safe belittling a whole state in America. I was born in Ohio and I represent that statement! But I guess that does not surprise you.


    Superb question! BTW, loved your recent interview.

    Even us essentially libertarian types say, "Certainly not nearly that much!"

    Some wouldn't call this a poem, but I do! Since you are unabashed about your opinions, I was hoping you'd jump in on the controversial conversation on "Defining Poetry".

    1. Thanks Sabio, I wasn't meaning to slurr the whole population of Ohio! (sorry). It's more a case of that conversation was not goign to be one that progress with any sound footing if he hived so far from Mexico and still felt threatened.

      No, I don't call this a poem either - that's why I dub it a 'Reflection'. There is a unclear line about free-form poetry and where it merges into prose. I number the ones I consider poetry but have long learnt that people make their own call on this. I'll look into that conversation later.

  3. Somewhat less misuse than we have currently. Smart reflection.

  4. We tolerate too much, even with our strict gun laws an undesirable element will still obtain guns and wreak havoc to settle grievances and commit crimes.
    It is unfortunate and tragic that so many innocent children and people died in Newton this week and I feel for those left behind who must pick up their lives and the pain they must endure. Automatic weapons should be banned.
    My reflection...
    Tens of thousands of children die every day, from disease, starvation, killed and maimed in war zones, their families must feel the same pain and loss. Who cares for them? Thank goodness there are some charities like the Red Cross, Care Australia, Médecins Sans Frontières, all of which I support to give these children a chance of better health, to ease their suffering and a chance at life.

  5. It's a time we all should be reflecting, I believe. Sometimes I feel it's the humans who should be banned; and oft times I want to divorce myself from the human race...upon this, I ponder regularly...

  6. Hi J Cosmo. I guess I will share my thoughts on gun control. I am not in favor of violence. I do not own a gun, never wish to own one. But since guns have been legal here in the USA I think it is too late to establish the 'no gun rule.' I think back to prohibition when the US tried to prohibit alcohol, which had previously been legal. You can't take away what once was without creating major problems. If the USA now were to make guns illegal, only the criminals would own them. They would not turn them in. That would be more frightening than what we have today. I have told people that if they make noises to forbid guns in my state, that is when I would BUY a gun. To protect myself from the criminal element who would never give up what they already have and could so easily get. I do wish guns were NEVER legal here.

    1. Sorry Mary, I don't buy that argument. I have no doubt that the criminals here in Australia have access to guns if they want them but there are few gun deaths. It is when the general populace have guns that the general populace gets shot - road rage turns ugly, family disputes escalate, etc.

      Prohibition on alcohol didn't work because it is so easy to make.


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