Sunday, December 16, 2012

CDXXIII - The Open Window

The Open Window

There is a sense of disbelief:

The window is wide open,
Your things are in disarray;

Drawers are open, 
Turned out on the floor.
Intimate items scattered.
Someone has been here, in your room, 
Past your defences.
And valuables are missing.

Money, money is nothing.  
Memories, how do you replace memories?
Pawned for $20 in a bar somewhere.

Days weeks months later you go looking for something —
And can’t find it.  Is it just lost?  Or was it stolen?

You will never fully realise everything that you have lost.

Death is like that, 
Like being burgled.

You never fully realise everything that you have lost.

© J Cosmo Newbery 2012

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  1. So true...and what is lost through death will never be found in a pawn shop; and it can never be replaced; the gap remains.

  2. I've never experienced such... I can imagine the sense of intrusion... BTW I really enjoyed your interview. I didn't see it until yesterday... I haven't been around much this week.

  3. such a poignant write. I can see the parallel. "death is like that / like being a burglar."

  4. Death is indeed a thief. Thank you - this hit home.

  5. Wow, this hit me in the gut. Good comparison: "Death is like that, Like being burgled." I have never been burgled, but losing my son this year did feel like an invasion of my privacy as well as having my treasures stolen.


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