Sunday, December 02, 2012

CDXV - The Beach

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #85) presents a list of words that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

Amateur psychologists please note that this is complete fiction.

The words this week are: 
affair, wax, forlorn, manic, clash, hewn, find, desire, sand, fuse, drive, fork.


It had been a brief, manic and yet ultimately forlorn affair.  A merging of desire, opportunity and sand, of base animal drives on a sultry night beneath a waxing moon; only to find it end in an awkward farewell, full of promises, lightly given and loosely held.

It had started with so much promise earlier that evening.  She had seen him standing, talking to a group of men by the buffet table; tall handsome, with classic rough-hewn good looks.  She approached the table and picked up a plate from the warmer.

“Can I give you a fork?” he asked?

“Yes, but let’s eat first” she replied with a mischievous look.

“No, what I meant was…”

Too late.  The fuse had been lit.  In the battle of the sexes, men are hopelessly unprepared for the resulting clash of wills.

Neither tasted their meal.

“Come, let’s go for a walk.  I can hear the waves”.

© J Cosmo Newbery 2012

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  1. Wow ... that's such a pleasant encounter :-)

  2. Oh, how you play with words--a fork, indeed! :)

  3. Very funny! Thanks for a morning laugh!

  4. Your Mad Kane limerick was great...had a real "Man from Nantucket" feel to it.

  5. Forks are good for lighting fuses. ;)

  6. very tempting!

  7. Obviously a pair of very hungry people.

  8. They surely did overcome that fork on the beach pretty quickly. I wonder how quickly they'd do similar if faced with a fork in the road!

  9. I like the 'merging of desire, opportunity and sand'! The sand can put a damper on things :) Nice write.

  10. One fork does not a place setting make...

  11. Whether chatting with women, or walking the sand, men are usually omnes ad marem.

  12. I love a play on words ... well-wordled and gently so ... very cool

  13. Ahhh .... a spate of prolific wordsmithing! Now THAT is something to sit in my armchair and ponder ...


  14. Interesting that she was the instigator.

    This night won't be soon forgotten.


  15. Ahhh- If only they could have stayed together long enough for a spoon ♥ This was delish!


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