Monday, December 17, 2012

CDXXIV - The Bread Van

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #87) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are: 
top, milky, glassy, unfolded, itch, blast, rushes, slicks, listen, sigh, lighten, tragic, visibility.

Magpie Tales had a photo by Andy Magee as a prompt. 
The two seemed made for each other. 
I have made the photo look a bit wetter than it did originally.


Visibility was poor that morning.  

Behind the misty, milky haze of rain, the wind shivered the valley with an icy blast, a promise of the harsh winter to come.  Sheep huddled together for warmth, jostling for the middle position.  One, responding to an itch, rubbed against the gate post and unexpectedly found itself released onto the hedge-lined road.

Oil slicks and ice made the driving treacherous but the van rushes along the country road. Time is short and there was bread to deliver.

The van crested the top of the hill, saw the wayward sheep at the last moment, swerved, crashed through a hedge, rolled three times and ended on its roof.  The engine gave a last long sigh of resignation and stopped.  Some time passed.  The weather lifted and the day lightened but there was no movement from the van.

It was sometime before the facts of what unfolded were established.  

When the villagers turned on their television to listen to the evening news,
the lead story was ‘Bread van rolls’.

Tragic really.

© J Cosmo Newbery 2012
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  1. Did the sheep have any baaaaad injuries?

  2. Who thinks up these headlines? LOL Nice one!

  3. Groan! And ewe are too funny!

  4. ...beautiful write... enjoyed it... and your title's perfect..


  5. Nicely done and I liked what you did with the photo:)

  6. "Bread van rolls"....ironic indeed....a great write!

  7. I really like this...and I love the "bread van rolls"!

    Was that two dozen or 6; seeded or unseeded?

  8. Ha! You are just too clever!

  9. Clever Cosmo is getting bogged down in intellectual Melbourne humour.
    One needs to trip up north to get that essential injection of vacuousness and superficiality!:)

  10. Ill-bred story? We hope not.

  11. perfect.Christmas cracker type ending, love it

  12. Bread van all ironic and feeling

  13. This is a mini piece of genius!


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