Sunday, October 02, 2016

925 - The Ant-y Hero

Theme Thursday has the prompt “Ants”.

The Ant-y Hero

Once upon a time
In a little ant-y nest
Was a little ant-y fellow—
A little ant-y pest.

This little ant-y rebel
Pushed back against the law
Of working through the summer
To fill the winter store.

But as so oft the case
He met a kindred soul—
The one that everybody needs:
The half that makes the whole.

While the passion inside his heart
Warmed his whole inside,
The passion in his belly
Flickered out and died.

Plans were then proposed
To become a family ant
Our little rebel hero
Had now become obedient. 

And that my gentle reader
Is how this story ends:
A simple little wedding,
With a million closest friends.

They danced away the evening,
They toasted with a smirk,
They put away the dishes
And all went back to work.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2016
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  1. Q: What's the biggest ant?
    A: An eleph-ant!

  2. Did you hear about the ants having sex? It was a bit of an anticlimax!

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  4. The passion he still has inside his heart for his kindred ant is worth the sacrifice.

  5. Leaving a cause without a rebel.

  6. Now if that isn't a pleasant rant!!

  7. tamed & domesticated..lovely :)

  8. I recall a French cartoon about a rebel ant who just wants life a bit easier. However love does clearly change both man and ant. A fun read.

  9. Bugger.. even if we come back as ants we have to conform..

  10. I think every rebel must come to rest some day... hope his sweet wife made it worth it...

  11. Such is an ant's life!
    But there a message here?

  12. LOL, such is the way of it. I love this poem, a delight to read. Especially admire the cleverness in rhyming Obedient!

  13. hahaha... thanks for the Sunday smile on a dreary wet Autumn day here.

  14. Well composed flight of delight

  15. this is a clever little story.
    seriously, it ended in marriage. haahahah. sounds like a shakespeare saga.

  16. Hahaha! A brightness in my day, thank you! Sometimes doing the "normal" thing makes for grace.

  17. A treat from start to finish.

  18. Sweet and funny – but is it a happy ending or a cautionary tale?

  19. Such a sweet story, thoroughly enjoyed your writing.
    xoxoxo. ♡


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