Saturday, October 01, 2016

924 - A Clean Limerick

A lady, demure and well bred,
Had a bath before going to bed.
“I know that I oughta
Be more frugal with water
But the bubbles just went to my head”.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2016
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  1. I want, I NEED, one of those bath attachments.

  2. Having drunk champagne in the bath, the bubbles DO go to your head. And legs.

  3. Great Job!

    My dreams fulfilled how I would gloat
    I finally bought my own boat
    Now to face life’s wrath
    I found peaceful path
    As there in the bathtub we’d float

  4. a lady who liked to have baths
    became asphyxiated from smoke in the hearth
    she spluttered and coughed
    it happens quite oft
    and died to the music of bach

  5. A lady had a bath with some candles,
    After shedding her robes and her sandals.
    But later it was found
    That sadly she'd drowned—
    But died to the music of Handel.


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