Tuesday, October 18, 2016

940 - Mentor


You worked on me,
Taught me things
That now seem so obvious.
Taught me that starting 
Was the only way to finish,
That a good book
Contains all you need to know
If you are willing to learn from it.
Showed me how to create,
To paint, 
To cook,
To pause,
And to look around at the world
And marvel.

At night, 
In the fading
I can see you:
Frocked and smocked,
Wielding equally a hammer or a paint brush,
A rolling pin or a pen.
These were your tools of trade.
I can see your kitchen,
Your easels
And your workshed.
I can hear your music
And your words,
I can smell the linseed oil 
And the lavender.
You are now me
And I thank you for it.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2016
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  1. Dear Cosmo, this is such a beautiful and touching poem. Is it a dedication to your dear Father and his many qualities and talents?
    Hugs, Dianne
    xoxoxo. ♡

  2. Moving dedication

  3. A lovely tribute to your mentors.

  4. This is beautiful and really inspiring.

  5. I really love this.. starting is the only way to finish.

  6. I can hear your music
    And your words,
    I can smell the linseed oil
    And the lavender.

    So much fun to oil paint and have music playing at the same time!


  7. I'm thinking this person must be multi-talented...then realized it may be a collective of mentors. Well done!

  8. Gayle Walters RoseOctober 23, 2016

    Sorry Lynn, I saw nowhere how to add a comment so hit "Reply" under yours.

    I'm very touched by this sweet tribute to your mentor...and such a multi talented mentor too. Your words are filled with admiration and gratitude for this person and I love your descriptions of his/her clothing, smell and wisdom that was imparted to you. Lovely!

  9. in the fading... that's a poem right there: just those words.

  10. Love every line...an amazing tribute ~


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