Sunday, October 09, 2016

932 - The Game

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #269) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are:

view, needles, breeze, sky, mist, spill,
bridge, still, trail, trip, trim, fill

The Game

It is a game.
Played with needles.
Played with a view 
To getting a response,
To rattle a cage,
To bypass reason
Into the uncontrolled
Realms of red mist,
Panic and confusion.
Hunting season.

It is a game.
And you play it well.
You play it often. 
Have for years, probably,
But familiarity lessens
Its effects.
But still, you play.
Maybe it is all you know—
Follow the past trails
Of successful sorties,
Successful campaigns.
Following the rules,
Your rules,
Trimming them
As needs must.

It is a game.
It has expectations.
Actions that beget 
Beget emotions,
Get emotions
To rise and spill,
To take control,
To make me trip,
To fill my mind
With nothing—
But the game.

It is a game.
But it is your game,
Not mine.
I can choose not to play.

Outside, as the bridge 
Between our worlds
The sky is clear,
The breeze is cool,
And the sun is shining.
I can smell freesias.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2016

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  1. Lovely. And I hope more of us can take time to smell the freesias.

  2. I think we all know lots of people who love nothing better than to rattle our cages and watch us flap against the bars like budgies in a panic.

  3. As you say you can walk away...unless of course there is tie and then it becomes more difficult and walking out the back door to smell the freesias is a great option.

    1. True. But thankfully I am blessed on that front.

  4. What is the purpose of having a person like that in your life? It is self defeating and brings no peace. Easy solution....Delete !

    1. Sometimes you have to work with them and the OHS paperwork for deleting an employee is horrendous. HR can be quite unreasonable about it.

  5. Nicely done!!! Fresh breeze and freesias seem much needed!!

  6. it takes courage sometimes to step outside the world..and the games..but that deep breath and freesias..well, see, worth it

    1. Once you see the game is in play, it becomes easier to opt out. Too often we get sucked in by reflex and rue it later. L'esprit de l'escalier, in French. Don't really have an English equivalent.

  7. A strong wise and knowing piece, my friend - which you bring home very effectively with a very deft final stanza. With Best Wishes Scott

  8. Such a thought-provoking write 💖 love the image of freesias 💖

  9. this is lovely :)

  10. You have told it as it is. Definitely I have experienced these 'players' in my life. Not easy to deal with, and it sometimes is only later that one realizes one should have opted out of the game.

    1. The rueful "Damn! That's what I should have said!" moment.

  11. I just hope that smelling the freesias will make you cope... there are those people that just have to be there despite their flaws... respite is what's needed to cope.

  12. I love the recognition of the game, and the choice not to play. And LOVE the closing stanza, with hope, and peace, and no games and the smell of freesias. Perfect!

  13. To have the aptitude to rise above those that rattle a cage and smell the Freeaias. I really like the way you put this accross.

  14. Well expressed tale of truth. Could it be possible we all indulge in "the game" at some level.

    1. Certainly. We all know how to needle and anwhere the tender spots are.

  15. The games continues, trying to tame the wild, for conservation sake. Not everyone can play
    Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard today JC

    much love...

  16. But it is your game, Not mine.
    I can choose not to play

    One may not be led easily into some unwanted or embarrassing situations but for one's loved one sometimes these are gulped down reluctantly!


    1. But even then, there comes a time to stop playing and defend.

  17. Evocative! One hopes the decision to stop playing is final!

  18. It is hard to turn and walk away - especially when there is history, there ... but oh, one does get so tired of the games.

  19. I love the calm of the ending, with the freesias.


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