Thursday, March 04, 2010

CLXXII - The Worm and the Starling


While pondering my options for Percy's Competition and
collecting proper nouns for the main event,
I present a little diversion.

The Worm & The Starling
(Subtitle: Curtains for wormy)

"You can trust me" said the starling
I just want you for my friend.
I have no-one for "my darling"
I will love you 'til the end.

The worm was a little worried
His mum warned of bird like this;
So his decision was not hurried
By tales of love and bliss.

But silky words slipping from the beak
Lessened the young worm's fright.
They held each other cheek to cheek
And danced away the night.

"Come it's getting late" the starling said
"It's time to be counting sheep".
They lay down of a feather bed
But the worm was not inclined to sleep.

© J Cosmo Newbery


For strangers to this site, there is something of a joust going on between a number of knightly gentlemen (or otherwise) and demure , sweet and coy ladies. See the link to Sir Percy's Silly Poetry Competition in the side bar.

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  1. LOL Were I that worm I would not be inclined to sleep beside a wren either. Greetings Sir Cosmo from Lady Cherylann

  2. Do I see a feather bed theme happening in the last couple of posts?

  3. now if i were a starling's mum, i'd tell all my feathered offspring to stop playing with their food...

  4. What a visual I got from this. So different than the usual brutal bird/worm action in the garden.

  5. Run little worm - run!

  6. I am confused about the ending. Did the worm survived this encounter?;) Sorry, I am bit slow.;))

  7. slid away didn't he? the worm....

  8. A very nervous worm ... xo ♡

  9. Hmm.. a relationship not built on trust. That's not going to last. The worm is breakfast. :)

  10. I can't tell if your inspiration was "The Walrus and the Carpenter," "Little Red Riding-Hood," or the story of John McCain and Sarah Palin. (In that last one, the worm was victorious.)

  11. I think you got it, third try, Larry.
    There is a strong chance that the Walrus and the Carpenter will be the inspiration for my entry poem. Carefully disguised as the Yak and the Anchovy, of course.

  12. I say that He may yet worm his way out of it.

    I am back to my own feather bed then, a'fore I am Discouvered of mine Personal Physician...

  13. You have my vote... forever and a day.


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