Monday, March 15, 2010

CLXXVII - The Ides of March


The Ides of March

Beware the Ides of March
Said the sayer of sooth;
Sitting mystically, aromatically,
Within her spiritual booth.

I can read the future;
I can tell of coming romance;
I can milk for all you’re worth
If given half a chance.

I know all about your past,
That nasty moment in the water,
The number two figures closely,
And the time you stole a quarter.


Your favourite flower is a rose
(Or maybe a lily, the image’s blurred).
And someone with the initial M
Is most sorry for what occurred.


I sense you are quite tidy
But sometimes make a mess;
That you have a secret longing
For a job that has less stress.


Now, show me your hand:
“My, my, your life-line splits in three!
It shows the generous nature
Of someone who likes to give! (whispered) To me.”


© J Cosmo Newbery


For strangers to this site, there is something of a joust going on between a number of knightly gentlemen (or otherwise) and demure , sweet and coy ladies. See the link to Sir Percy's Silly Poetry Competition in the side bar.
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  1. All I can think is, grief, imagine having to take all that make-up off every evening with those fingernails...

    Uh.. I'm sorry, you were saying?

  2. Geesh, my life on your post, what amazing coincidence!!! wow

  3. I think the only prediction you can be sure of is that you are going to be duped. :) xoxo ♥

  4. I've always fancied the idea of setting up a booth where, instead of tea-leaves, tarot cards or palms, I read women's breasts. I have warm hands.

    Phrenology meets hedonism.

    But I don't know if there would be a future in it.

  5. Lol, good luck with that dear J Cosmo, 'tis a nice thought and a pleasant way to earn a living I guess as we are so lovely to touch, but I fear you would be out of business very quickly... though I guess some women like having their breasts fondled by strangers and as you have said your hands are warm. xoxo ♡ :)

  6. fun to read!
    perhaps you should have been an ob-gyn.

  7. lol! My favorite stanza:

    "Your favourite flower is a rose
    (Or maybe a lily, the image’s blurred).
    And someone with the initial M
    Is most sorry for what occurred."

  8. A little bit late to the party as it's now the 16th, but yesterday was predictably uneventful.
    A prediction: I don't think any woman will dupe you. LOL

  9. Insidious Sir: The Balloting Post is up along with Wise Words in Verse – ever Knightly and Straightforward - for thy Readers.

  10. I have nothing to say, but I do think it's important for all of us to fight the good fight against the spambots of the world.

    I'm glad we have Yoshimi on our side.

  11. Note to wary of tarot card or palm reader who looks like J Cosmo..God knows what he's reading actually!

  12. Amazing! Amazing! I must say, it was amazing.
    All those guesses and never hit a thing!
    Lordie I feel odd now, knowing those were the average.
    How odd I must appear to some; born of another age.

    Oh well, she'll just have to get over it...
    and if she's desperate, perhaps show me a tit....
    or her rump, or bum as they say in Australia.
    But it won't really matter to me, how about ya?

    Probably not, you've a fine gal yourself.
    Should just put the soothsayer's address on the shelf,
    to reach for and give someone you don't really like.
    Give them the card and wish them well on their hike.


  13. My eyebrows in wonder arch
    Upon the Ides of March
    In his toga he hides
    Behind a colonnade he bides
    No other than brutal Brutus
    Was he related to Dr. Faustus?

  14. comments are as entertaining as the pome. sits aromatically, eh ?? reading breasts ..... ahem. wonder what mine are saying!


  15. I wonder too! Will I die wondering?

  16. Great One J! Perfect description of the motives and also I might add...not a bad occupation to boot!



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