Saturday, March 13, 2010

CLXXV - Goldfish



Gold fish swims in a bowl of water;
She can be watched from every quarter.
Swim little gold fish, swim little gold fish,
Strange your life must be.

Gold fish has no mate to support her;
No sense wondering what he bought her.
Swim little gold fish, swim little gold fish,
Estranged your life must be.

Gold fish has no sons or daughters;
No point telling her that she orta.
Swim little gold fish, swim little gold fish,
Strange your life must be.

Gold fish swims in a bowl of water;
Unaware of impending slaughter.
Swim little gold fish, swim little gold fish,
Short your life will be.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Poor sweet little goldfish
    It has one desperate last wish
    Not to end up on a serving dish
    That would be ever so foolish
    Not to mention a massive blemish!

  2. Poor little fish! lol @ the photo. Many years ago we had a cat, Generic, that would drink from my daughter's goldfish bowl. The cat didn't want to get wet so putting her paws in the water wasn't an option. She decided she would drink the goldfish down. Didn't matter what we tried to keep the cat out, she always had some goldfish water every day (and a bulging belly). She never was successful, but she never stopped trying until the goldfish went to fish heaven.

  3. the goldfish's invisible thought bubble:
    oh, to be a shark ..

  4. Poor little gold fish
    sad little gold fish
    swimming 'round in circles
    She looks out at the great big world
    and wonders what is her purpose
    For her watery world is very small
    and offers no excitement
    She has dreams of the past in a larger place
    where there were friends for her to swim with
    But 'round and 'round her world she swims
    with no privacy or protection
    All alone in her watery world
    hoping for someone to dream with...

    ooo xoxox ♡

  5. Lee: Yes, being dinner looks bad on the CV.

    Talon: your can obviously believes in fair play. Probably wears ripple soled shoes to give the ants a 50-50 chance.

    Larry: Maybe.

    Foam: Positive thinking worked for Norman Vincent Peale.

    Dianne: Even if she had a partner, a little curtain of privacy would probably be appreciated, no?

  6. If the little golden fish was left in its natural habitat, it would be safe from the feline variety dear Sir!!! put that on your serviette! Then again there's moi lover of sushi, begging your pardon dear sir!

  7. Yes dear J Cosmo, definitely a curtain for some privacy or a proper aquarium with aquatic plants and rock caves and bubbles.
    She probably has dreams of her ancestors who were free to swim the rivers and oceans and ride on tidal waves and thinks 'this glass bowl just won't do'. :)

    xoxox ♡

  8. Oh no, that was not a happy ending.;) I had a few gold fish once and they too had a short life.;)
    Have a great weekend,

  9. oh, to be a fish must be a terrible thing
    captured and displayed, surprised they don't make them sing!
    At least a lil soft shoe?
    Or perhaps a soft tail would do?
    but the joke's on the cat, because i'll reincarnate back, as a bee and give that furry beast such a sting.

  10. Is it the Custom then to slaughter goldfish in your country Sir? And by what Means?

  11. Why Sir, I read them your poetry and they invariably request a merciful dispatch.

  12. Sir, why I quite o'erlooked the cat in the picture, which explains all - I sometimes misplace my trifocals.

    Oops... I have just misplaced them again, and, such a shame, just as I was to read your reply to my previous comment.

  13. Oh, poor poor lonely goldfish - a victim of cats...

  14. Tres amusant! Love fish and cats... even better in combo. Great rhymes. So fun.


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