Thursday, March 18, 2010

CLXXVIII - You are getting sheepy, very sheepy...


Cosmo had some little sheep,
Little sheep, little sheep,
Cosmo had some little sheep
Who loved what he had done.
And everything that Cosmo wrote
Cosmo wrote, Cosmo wrote,
And everything that Cosmo wrote
Was voted number one.


© J Cosmo Newbery

OK, now my little sheeps, hold that thought.
It it time to put your cloven hooves to good use.

Sir Percy, cad, blackguard and arch-villain,
has opened up the voting site for his Silly Poetry Competition.
All I ask you is that you go to the site , write something suitable gushy
about me and vote for my poem.

You can, of course, read and be suitable impressed by the other poems
but after the social oo-s and ah-s are done, you will vote for me. OK?

The voting site is here.

To make it easier for you, I suggest that you just cut & paste
the following into the comment section at the voting site:

I am a sheep, more woolly than hairy,
And I find mint sauce both green and scary.
I prefer poems to be of lambs on the moor,
But a yak is close, if the lighting is poor,
So I cast my vote for J Cosmo Newbery!

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  1. LOL! You're too funny... Am going to vote...

  2. LOL... I voted already but sadly not for you

  3. zzzzzzzzzz...oops, I mean bah bah bah

  4. Lady Fi: Bless you! Bless you!

    Cherylann: Yeah, so?

    Talon: When you wake you will have an irresistible desire to bark like a chicken (snap!)...

  5. sigh you are sooo hard to please. I laugh at your poem and this is the thanks I get.

  6. Yeah, well, true, laughter is good. Very good. Indeed, as a writer of premium, low-fat, organically grown, free-range nonsense, I crave laughter.

    But laughter and a vote, now that would be soooo much better.

  7. Thank God for the United Nations!

  8. This is too good, hilarious, why are you doing this to me? I usually do have a mind of my one, not sheepish at all...Ah Sir

  9. This is a very hypnotic poem dear Sir Cosmo, I have voted for you and Sir Percy. xoxo ♡

  10. Oh, so now you're trying to ram your name home, eh? Well, I'll just say screwe ewe and then take it on the lamb (with no ifs, ands, or butts).

  11. You ARE a saucy bit o' mint, you. much love,

  12. ahh, fun poems, apparently the voting for the first times is invalid, Sir Percy has apparently created a new post for it but I vote for you

  13. RDG: I'm a lamb!

    Lissa: I love you! Get someone you trust to give you a hug and debit my account.

  14. i always love what you do..

    uh oh .. spam moderation, has kicked in:


  15. Cosmo,
    I admit to being a bit of a sheep when it comes to you ♥ Blessing recieved :)
    Now I have to figure out how to tend to Percy's new wound...yikes!
    At least this time he didn't bring his revolver into the mix :)

  16. I am leaving this note as the best way to tell yer,

    You Sir, do seem a trifle familiar.

    The Wonder Pets confer, and say "give Cosmo his due"

    And so, Sir, this ewe will be voting for you.


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