Sunday, March 14, 2010

CLXXVI- If you don't mind.

I have been getting bit too much nasty stuff
from people
who love sending 'jokes' to 57 recipients.
Often hateful, always misguided, I have taken to saying so.
And to 'Reply All' if the option is available.

This poem is a rondeau, suitable for rubbish
that keeps going around and around,

and might be subtitled "Hit the Road, Geoff".

If you don’t mind.

If you don’t mind me saying so
I think your taste has reached a low
In sending nasty hateful guff
And, quite frankly, I have had enough.
It’s odd to see your Christian show
Of love and hope and tally-ho!
Crack and drop like the mud you throw.
I ask that you don’t send such stuff,
If you don’t mind.

PC is the name you bestow
To try to shut me up, I know
Now, leave if you must, in a huff
But I’m not afraid to call your bluff.
Oh, and shut the door as you go.
If you don’t mind.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. These people are really sick..

  2. There are a lot of things I can do without. Nicely done.

  3. i'm not surprised to see
    that you have addressed with righteous glee
    a topic with which a wholeheartedly agree.

  4. You forgot to mention:
    How many people must I send this poem to in order to prevent bad luck?

  5. Oh, poor you! Spammers be gone!

  6. I rarely get bad stuff sent my way, I'm very grateful for that...but still there are those that carry tremendously beautiful message but end by mentionning that if you really care you'll forward this on..I call it emotional blackmail, I'll thank the sender, then delete. I will delete anything that says I must pass this on to be a caring human being or to prevent bad luck! I will however pass on stunning photos with no message, my favourite kind and truthfully I hate sucky ones :) You do well, I'm pleased to know you J Cosmo!

  7. Great post! I totally agree with you.;)
    Lovely image by the way.;)
    As for the "Modicum", I am waiting for activity.;)I have not given up yet.
    I liked the recent comment there btw, whoever it was it was, it was very funny, so it is somewhat alive.;)

  8. Thankfully I don't receive many of those letters that you are supposed to pass on or you will be doomed forever, I just delete them.
    However I am constantly being barraged at earlier posts by drug companies with cures for erectile dysfunction? other diseases and cheap prices for viagra.
    Not to mention the constant messages in Chinese and Japanese which I once unfortunately translated, to my horror and disgust.
    I really get tired of deleting all of this garbage but still it keeps coming ... what can I do?

  9. Ha! Larry's comment, true...

    So...can I send you my mailing list and you just deal with these buggers??

  10. Dianne: I have a spam filter so, I never see the hundreds of ads for cheap Rolex watches, pleas from Nigerian princes, fabulous prices on any number of drugs, (uplifting ones or no,) plus the idea that my woman desperately needs an extra few inches and they are just the company to help.

    Uh... Huh.

    It's odd being a heterosexual female in a poly-metrosexual internet world, sometimes, but luckily only if you look in the Spam box.

    Love the poem, J Cosmo :)

  11. I delete more than I read, depending on the source.

  12. Thank you to you. And you. (Anyone remember Eric Pearce? Wasted. Nevermind.)

    My spam filters (Spamsieve) work a treat. It is the supposed friends who forward on stuff filled with hatred for other groups, usually racial or religious tripe, that got my back up.

    When I challenge them they come back with accusations of political correctness or, worse, (sneering) "Oh, can't you take a joke?". Pfft!

    That's my gripe for March.(Yikes!~ It's the Ides today!) I will try for a happier post next time.

    Unless you are a goldfish, of course.

  13. J...GOOD FOR YOU....I am backing you 100 percent. I had a flurry of these last year on my blog and thankfully it stopped. As long as we have the internet I think we are going to have to deal with this. Good luck with it...I feel your pain!


  14. You tell them... with style, J Cosmo. Louts, all of them, and loutesses, too. A bad business... but you show 'em who's boss!!

  15. Thanks Kitty and J Cosmo. xoxo ♡

  16. get them all the time and me, too
    reply all if any at all
    I pretend like they'll take the clue
    but probably not, I'm sure I waste the call.

    So I shall borrow this and adopt it also
    for those who think they've a golden blow hole.

    Thank you, sir, for a nice way to say it.
    Better than when I tell them to just eat....poop.



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