Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I suppose I should take this seriously...


Sir Percy berates me for not submitting the last poem into the Silly Poem Competition but, in all modesty, it was more spot-on than silly.

But what to write on? That's the question. I have already ruled out anything about Sir Percy, the silliest thing on the horizon, but what to choose.

I am calling on the Ladies to each present me with a single word, a proper noun for a silly poem, and I will then play with them.

The words, not the ladies, of course. We are talking proper here, okay?

So, Ladies, please: a word each: animal, vegetable, mineral. Any will do.


For strangers to this site, there is something of a joust going on between a number of knightly gentlemen (or otherwise) and demure , sweet and coy ladies.

One of the cast, Sir Percy, has declared a Silly Poetry competition. The closing date is the Ides of March with a vote being held on the following day, March 16th, to decide the winner.

The cast, to date, are:

Myself, Sir J Cosmo Newbery, gentleman, scholar, knight errant and jolly good fellow.

Sir Percy Bisque Silley, rogue, vagabond and general scoundrel,

Lady Lorraine Awaiting classification by the censorship board.

Lady Cherylann Awaiting classification by the censorship board.

Sir Timoteo Awaiting classification by the censorship board.

The Lady Dianne, a sweet and innocent by-stander, cruelly turned on by Sir Percy, but fighting back with spunk and vigor.

Larry Wallberg Dark horse or Blue Elephant; you choose.
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  1. dear jousting jolly good fellow,

    effervescence or froth

    may the best good fellow win .. :)

  2. Is this like one of those cooking shows where you are given a bag of ingredients (anchovies, custard powder and yak butter) and have to create a dinner for six?

  3. Foam: Effervescence or froth; good.

    Lee: Hold the yak butter.

    Marion: a most improper suggestion for a proper noun. Nice pic by the way.

    Talon: Who says this nonsense is not educational. A new word, as long as I can remember it. Might make it a poem in its own right, if that is OK with you?

    Kate: Aroma, that works. Thank you.

  4. Although I am no lady, I will offer the silliest thing I can think of for use (if you so choose to accept it):

    cosmetic surgery

  5. J (if I may call you simply J), of course it is!

  6. I thank thee for the link. However, perhaps either Pale Horse or Pink Elephant would be more appropriate.

    By the by, your sidebar commentary on word verification made me chuckle.

  7. Rose or Opal may be what you seek.

  8. Cowslips or Bluebells.....


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