Tuesday, March 09, 2010

CLXXIV - Lilith

Lilith (1892), by John Collier in Southport Atkinson Art Gallery.

When looking for something quite unrelated,
I found the above painting of a lady called Lilith.
There seemed to be a need for a poem.


Now there is something I never knew:
Eve was Adam's wife, number two.
Some tart called Lilith was the first to find
The family jewels of mankind.

There's no denying the girl's a looker
(though Eve, the bitch, called her a hooker).
When I look at her sweet young breasts
and ponder the pleasures they suggest
I really find it hard to believe
That Adam left her to shack up with Eve.

But I must say this quite up straight:
The snake would be off-putting on a date.

So who was this Lilith, build so well
That she held all of mankind in her spell?*
Was she, like Eve, made from a spare bit
Of Adam's first owner's body repair kit?
And, if instead of crawling from a pond,
She was the work of some God's wand
Perhaps some mystic in a cave'll
Tell me why she needs a navel?

© J Cosmo Newbery
* OK, so mankind consisted of just one gullible guy
with a penchant for stealing apples.
Call it poetic license.

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  1. I am thinking that is she is not being a person in possession of a navel then she will be having the absence of a place to be keeping her rubies. Is this not being so?

  2. A navels a clever device
    It's uses, I'll mention, are thrice
    Once maternal link
    Glimpsed'll make men blink, but,
    Celery's salt receptacle s'my vice

  3. so Sir you are privy to Sanskrit, and know the truth, the story never told, the truth of gossip Alleluia, I bow...
    ps check out the size of that snake ;)

  4. This is a sweet little poem J Cosmo, I was not aware of the story, I have seen the painting before.

    She is a truly beautiful young woman with all of the delights of a maiden as you have described.
    On first seeing this painting I wondered why any artist would be so foolish as to paint her, enveloped by a hideous snake...surely he could have painted her in a much nicer setting, one befitting her beauty.

    xoxo ♡

  5. She has no navel because the Portrait was drawn before she'd been plucked from the Tree of the Knowledge of Small Indentations.

  6. I have always loved that picture.;)
    Great poem as well.;)

  7. I tend to agree with Kitty's suggestion #3, a salt container.

    I suppose a dimple's out of the question?

  8. J! WOW...I have nver heard that story of creation! Leave it to you to give a delightful twist. Love it!


  9. What a terrific poem and what a gorgeous painting of the Queen of the Succubi. She certainly wears a snake well, doesn't she?

  10. charming poem!
    yes, i had heard of lillith. i think this one had a mind of her own. and adam and eve are portrayed with navels too, come to think of it.

  11. I think the navel is a detail many artists have forgotten to contemplate.

  12. 'The family jewels of mankind?' Hilarious!

  13. Well, I have inside information on this, and
    there was yet another woman set foot early on this land.
    One with quite an artistic anomaly.
    Having not two breasts, but rather three.

    Now that may sound odd, but the Creator was a breast man
    not totally unheard of, just got carried away because he can.
    But her loneliness finally got to him one day
    and he came down one night and hacked the extra breast away...
    And what did he do with it, you ask as quietly as you can...
    Well, it's simple, with the extra breast he made a man.
    And while you'll not be hearing this on the TV tube,
    You'll recognize the truth when you realize , Man is a Boob.

  14. Cave'll... navel? Didn't see that coming. You are soooooo drole.

  15. Hahaha - this is sinfully fun! Aren't you clever?


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