Wednesday, July 24, 2013

589 : The Consoling Muse

Red Dirt Girl commented on the apparent
Impact of my current muse in recent works.
It set me thinking.

The Consoling Muse

I have always been 
Vaguely jealous
Of painters and sculptors.
Their muses are all
Scantily clad, if at all.
So much more
So much more 
So much more
Hands on, 
As it were.

Poets are the poor cousins
When it comes to our muses;
Our muses can be miles away
Unsullied and,
Fully clothed.
Doesn’t seen fair.

But we have one advantage
Over the daubers and chippers:
We can have negative muses,
Muses that bring out the
Vocabulary of hurt,
The words of indignation
From the lexicon of grief.
So much easier in words
Than in oils or stone.

A scant but significant 
© J Cosmo Newbery 2013
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  1. I would like to be your positive poetry muse.You may write poems all over my naked body to console yourself. Never let it be said that a poet is disadvantaged compared to a sculptor or painter.

  2. You are writing from the heart and allowing your vulnerability to speak. You are a master wordsmith who, in the past, sometimes let the intricate play of your words hide the intricate play of your emotions. Neither voice is 'better' than the other. There is room enough for all.


    1. If we're going for tarts, may I be a lemon one? I LOVE lemon tarts ;P


    2. Funny you should mention that - there is the small matter of the Saturday dinner...

  3. Does Mrs N know you are touting for tartlettes?

  4. Just because Red Dirt Girl and I wear little nurses uniforms does not mean we are tartlettes.We are valued members of the community in the essential services... Nasty donkey rider!

    1. Please forgive Sancho - he is a rustic fellow, lacking common niceties. But as a squire, he does an admirable job.

  5. You are brilliant, star category. Nice to know you.

  6. Words paint vivid pictures, more vivid; more pertinent than many painters can.

  7. yeah lovely composition , really loved it.

    PS: i don't do house calls. i am a researcher and my research is basically on disease related to cancer.

  8. right on! totally true, i appreciate this musing.
    that's a beautiful painting, too.

  9. My muse likes to arrive after midnight and keeps me awake until 3:00 a.m. Seems I can only scribble nonsense in daylight hours. Love this expression/comparison of muses.

  10. Cos, after viewing what Red Dirt Girl said (and adding a comment there), it is certainly true that the medium, any medium, has both luxury and limitation.

    This cycle coming from you now, the edgier part, is unexpected, refreshing, and insightful. Like I said on the other posting, keep following your spirit, and keep 'em coming... and, as always, thanks for posting on Real Toads! Amy

  11. Very well said, poets are the privileged lot in that sense, but at times it ruffles the heart despite the joys of life.


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