Thursday, March 05, 2009

CXXXI - Lest we forget.


Laura Jayne at Pictures, Poetry & Prose poses a daily writing challenge.
The prompt for this poem was “The Consequences of War”.
As wars seem to come around with far too much regularity
I felt a Rondeau would be a good form to try.

Lest we forget

Lest we forget the heartfelt pain
Of needless death for pointless gain.
We should be closer to the gore
To see what horrors lie in store
For victims of this terror game.

Rockets are fired at far terrain
And bombs are dropped from a plane;
People aren’t people any more.
Lest we forget.

The leaders would do it all again
They love to clap the band’s refrain.
It’s been truly said, oft before,
There are no winners in a war.
Except, of course, on the gravy train.
Lest we forget.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. What a powerful poem. And the image is equally arresting. "Needless death for pointless gain" sad... how true.

  2. War is suffering, the war is very miserable. Most injured are children. To see the children were war-torn to the point that I feel very sad. Why humans should not stop the war! ! Why do human beings, like monkeys in order to struggle for power and play a beaten! ! ! Is it because human beings are turned into monkeys? ? ? : (

  3. If leaders had to lead their armies, there would be fewer wars.

  4. Well smithed, well said. I like that that mantra, "Lest we forget" echoes throughout. As it should in our collective consciousness.

  5. Yes, we do forget don't we? Until we see something like that. Very profound, J Cosmo. Thanks for reminding us.

  6. Both your words and the image are powerful reminders. Thanks for sharing.

  7. How beautifully written and illustrated. Great work as always.

  8. Your words are so is sad that the politicians cannot use them

  9. I believe your last refrain says it all.

  10. J,

    Well said...I am in 100% agreement. I think the gravy train is the human species at it's worst.



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