Saturday, March 21, 2009

CXXXXIV - A Drop of Pleasure


I am genuinely fascinated by watching repetitive things, like water drops.
The finding of the picture was just a happy coincidence.
Far be it for me to pass it by.

A Drop of Pleasure

I can be fascinated by
The simplest of things;
There is a gentle pleasure
In what nature brings.

A drop of water that
Grows and swells, then falls
Is a rhythmic joy
That endlessly enthralls.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Is this a case of "tit for tap"?

  2. Get the poor lass some warm water, she has goose bumps!

  3. so..
    how you planning on catching that droplet?

  4. Foam: now there's a thought...

  5. My thoughts exactly Foamie, I'm sure j cosmo will think of something. ♡

  6. More erect nipples - honestly, you men, obsessed or what?:D

  7. I read the poem without really looking carefully at the photo.

    I was disappointed, I came here for some humour, a gag, a laugh...

    ..and then I saw the photo...

    ... you do have nice nipples...

  8. Must be Mrs. Newbery, right?

  9. You know the picture is all I can rememeber now that I am here to comment on your cleverness for writing.

  10. Hehe, I find the picture sensual, but the poem not so much.;))) But I still like it.;)

  11. Lee's comment = totally funny.
    And you might just have to change your blog to "adults only" soon, Mr. Cheeky Possum!

  12. I want to know how you got ahold of a picture of my boob?

  13. my, my Cosmo ... i leave for a week and return to find you 'happily coincidenced' ??!!

    hmmm ... nipple love must be going around. i personally chalk it up to cabin fever and spring cleaning.

    Some items are definitely meant for the perfect 'spin cycle' and a drip dry! no wringers allowed here ...


  14. Just popped by to say that's the kind of water torture I'm sure you would enjoy. ♡

  15. It would be tough but I could take it!

  16. I have just returned from the seaside where I was thinking of just this---the wonder of small things. In my case, the beauty and perfection of even the tiniest seashell.......

  17. I bet you never wished you were a drop of water sooo badly before. Hmm. Looks a little on the small side..and cold too!

  18. You're gonna' get your ass whipped.


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