Friday, March 20, 2009

CXXXXIII - Missing Pieces

One Minute Writer had a topic called "Missing"
"What is missing in your life? Are you trying to find it?"

Missing Pieces

What’s missing from your life?
Is a question trickier than it seems:
It frees the mind to run rife
But it usually grazes at extremes.

The brain’s not always a friend
And plays tricks of a nasty kind;
Your life becomes a race with no end
On the treadmill of the mind.

The house, the job, the kids, the car
Should be nothing but the best.
This sets the bar too high by far
And means you’ll never ever rest.

In life, there are some joys around
That give love and warm caress;
And sometimes more is found
If you choose to look for less.

So review the goals you’ve listed,
And ponder your earthly lot,
But heed the question, neatly twisted,
Are you aware of what you forgot?

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. My earthly lot
    Quite frankly's squat
    And that's OK with me
    But what's missing
    Is a man for kissing
    Is it not meant to be?

    Hee hee...

  2. the missing piece un-pictured here
    seems to be so painfully clear.
    Alas, it staggers my mind and soul.

    But I like the idea presented about
    looking for less, and maybe don't pout.
    Then perhaps I'll end with a fuller bowl.

  3. An arduous process, and finally completed soon. But a less critical. What is it? It is the soul - the conscience.
    What is Really Healthy-Health Blog
    Humor & Fun World-Funny Blog

  4. Words to live by. Brilliant again!

  5. Ya know, I'd love to sit and have a bottle of wine with you, letting the conversation flow from chitchat to deep to hysterically funny.

    You are on my 'People I'd Like To Meet' list.

  6. Great poem. I especially like: more is found/if you choose to look for less.

  7. conceivably there's a lot that could be missing..

    there's wisdom here in these here poems of yours ..

  8. The mind is a foe, a restless thing;
    Cogitation's a terrible bore,
    So let's resolve to simply live
    And forget to tally our score.

    For getting and getting's an empty goal
    That amounts to a terrible chore;
    While giving and giving redeems the souls
    Who embody the creed "less is more."

  9. "And sometimes more is found
    If you choose to look for less." My favorite lines as well...great insight and words, although very live by.


  10. Lovely poem j cosmo, like Diane up there I'm looking for a nice man for kissing, someone to fill that 'something' that's missing in my heart...hey that's not too much to hope for is it?
    That is lovely: And sometimes more is found...
    If you choose to look for less.

    My new motto:If you don't expect too much then you wont be disappointed. ♡

  11. Setting the bar a little lower leaves a lot more room for possibilities.

  12. I'm loving your poem and your poetic comments ... Diane's and Sophia's in particular!

  13. Oh Mr. Newbery, May I have permission to quote you? I will refer to you as "My profound friend,J. Cosmo Newbery..." Pleease?


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