Friday, March 13, 2009

CXXXVIII - Reflections on a Wet City

Photo from Dan Felstead's site.

Reflections on a Wet City

The head lights throw
Speckled shafts through the night,
As pedestrians scurry
Like mother hens, in fright.
In their flappy haste
They miss the delight.

It’s raining in town
And the whole scene’s rent;
Rain magnifies
The sounds, sights and scents
It’s all there to savour
If you are not stooped and bent.

Car tyres crackle
As they push through the rain,
The streets all bubble
Like viewed through champagne,
Like an excited child
I stand, shouting “Again!”.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Hmm, I just posted and the browser crashed, not sure if it partially made it but...

    Love your words, every time I come here I realise how apt they are.

    We always scurry like flapping hens (us pedestrians), not necessarily a good thing either!

  2. I used to work with a guy called Virgil (no, a different Virgil, I'm not that old). If ever it was raining we knew we would find him outside, arms spread out and face towards the heavens.

  3. Been waiting for it for a while, eh? :) It's supposed to rain here all weekend and next week... I hope so.

  4. Dancing around like an Australian Dandy!
    As happy as a child with a mitt full of Candy!
    It's finally come back to us Again!
    Faces lifted to the skies of Rain!
    A Whole Nation as joyful as a Nation Can Be!

    Hip Hip Hoorah!
    Hip Hip Hoorah!
    Hip Hip Hoorah!

  5. Coming from a rainy city, I see this as they daily grind, LOL, but sometimes I do stop to see the beauty of a rainy day!

  6. oh happy day ... the rain dance finally worked!


  7. Go splash in some puddles like naughty little boys.

  8. it's the scent ..
    i seem to notice the scent first ..
    especially when it hasn't rained in forever.

  9. Love it! I love walking in the rain if I have nowhere to go and I don't mind looking like a bedraggled nitwit.

  10. There's nothing better than walking barefoot in a warm rain, while protected by a sizeable umbrella. Not drenched, but splashed and jubiliant.

    This is such a pretty poem. ...So cute the way you Aussie Brits spell tyre. :)

  11. J,

    Thank you so much for the unique perspective on the photo. Your positive, reflective, thankful reaction was so different from my feelings when I took the photo...I only wish I could have had your perspective on the night. I also liked foam's comment...for I too notice the scent after a rain so long in coming...I love that smell and the sense of relief it brings.


  12. I love rain storms. They're so calming and renewing. And the smell? One of my favorites. I've always wanted a screened in porch with at tin roof to sit under and read when it rains.

  13. Ditto Heather's comment.

    I so enjoy your writing.

  14. Can't you send the rain over here. We need it too.

    And spelling tire tyre? Must be one of those foreigners. {*grin*}

  15. I like the quiet rains. They're calming and comforting.

    I especially like the part where it says the streets all bubble like viewed through champagne.

  16. Oh, Mr. Newbery?
    You should come in, now....
    You'll catch your death of cold if you play in the rain all night AND day!

  17. (then we'll really be posting a tombstone for ya!)

    Here lies J Cosmo, again.
    Thought he'de play a bit in the rain.
    He stayed out all night,
    took to shivvering with a fright,
    So we had to bury him twice, which was a pain!

    (oh...not really a 'pain'
    Heck we'll bury you for as many times as it takes!)

  18. Here lies J Cosmo Newbery,
    out in the rain!!


    Yeah! You so beautifully expressed one of those tiny beauties of life we so often are blinded to...

  19. Very, (no longer an accepted word adjective or adverb}, beautiful.


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