Wednesday, March 25, 2009

For Gavin, read Cosmo.


It is an interesting observation that over half of all my poetic doodlings have been this year.

And it is still March.

Other things are playing on (and with) my mind and I am finding enthusiasm and inspiration waning a little and will take a short break.

I will be seen prowling your comments every so often though.

Play nicely.
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  1. J,

    You deserve a long as we know you are coming back! Your output makes my brain think that I would have to come up with those would make me even more of a mental midget than I already am.. Hope you enjoy the time off.


  2. You mean we can go outside and play now?


    Will eagerly wait your return...

  3. so ..
    that's what you look like .. :)

    anyway ..
    hope these issues of life are easily taken care of ..

    have a good break ..

  4. ....well, when you come back, you can borrow my artist trick.
    Smudge the canvas (paper) a bit.
    That way, you're not near as afraid of its perfection.

  5. An understandable break although I'll be awaiting your return.

    You are a wonderful poet.

    I'll use the time to browse your Nigerian letters.

    Feel free to drop by my blog for a little unpoetic weirdness. ;o)

  6. Now that J Cosmo is taking a break,
    He’s cast us adrift with no poetry to slake
    Our thirst for his whimsy, wit and insight;
    We’re limited to re-reading stuff night after night.

    Cause wanting J Cosmo to rest and relax,
    While good for his spirit; our souls does it tax…
    So please, would his muse, cozy close to his side,
    Make him sunny side up, and not feeling fried.

  7. You totally deserve a break. I think you tried to take one before and we all had a bit of a panic. Life is too short to feel pressure about stuff like this. I shall await your return and wish you the best life has to offer.

  8. My inspiration and enthusiasm and blog material has been waning, too. I feel ya. Well, figuratively I feel ya. If I did it literally, I'd have to have 1) long arms, and 2) guts, as I expect Mrs. Newberry would deck me.

  9. Enjoy the sabbatical but hurry back.

  10. hugs.


  11. Come back soon!

  12. I just started to read blogs and found you're leaving..anyway..I know you'll come back. Looks like you have interesting posts down here while I was away..

  13. If you can't be good, be careful.

  14. Have a lovely break j cosmo, this poetry taxes the brain, I dont know how you do it each and every day. ♡

  15. i love that stop word verification thing. amen brutha. i hate that shite. in fact, there are very few blogs i will do it for and i should refuse to at all.

    nevermind about that. enjoy the break


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