Wednesday, April 07, 2010

CLXXXV - Four Lines of Garden

Marc, at Daily Writing Practice had a prompt
to write a four line poem about gardens.

Four lines? Well, what say I write a limerick style
and combine lines 3 and 4 into one. (Sorry Percy).

And what say I write two small poems rather than one.
Apart from that, I followed his prompt exactly.



I don’t see the need to work hard in
the democratic jungle, my garden.
Planted seedlings and self-made weedlings
Are all due my equal regardin’.


A weed is not a gardening disgrace,
It’s just living in a most awkward place.
A rose would earn scorn in a paddock of corn
But still smell of old ladies and lace.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Spring has come, the grass is ris
    I wonder where the birdies is?
    They're in the garden, you silly dope
    Lifting spirits, giving hope.

  2. I like your two small poems - especially number II because you are right - weeds are just plants living in an awkward place.

  3. Both lovely and clever poems and you are quite right, weeds are just plants in awkward places ... there are some very pretty weeds in my garden and I let them stay. xoxo ♡

  4. oh, i so agree!

    "Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet."
    ( Inversnaid, Gerard Manley Hopkins)

    i take my gardening philosophy from this line here.
    i draw the line with poison ivy though..

  5. Fancy this! I came here and hit the jackpot....two poets---JCN and ,as a bonus, a "poem" by Rise! The birdies is here, you can tell her. They're waiting for her. And a weed is just a flower that has not yet achieved respectability.

  6. I really like this one as I agree.;) This was great! Love the painting as well.;)

  7. very funny and still, I'm sorry, poetic

  8. I love it... weeds are still flowers! At least, they are in my garden...

  9. Yes, but this is an unlimericky limerick and quite Elevated in Tone…

    A Weed is a thing in an awkward place and an Infestation is too much of something. Perchance at this point the Human Race qualifies for the latter category – although if you’re part of an Infestation you normally select a different Word I think…

    The planet now wears a sign reading "Nearly Seven Billion Served" (But most of them literally poorly).

    Anon, Adieu, A Lark! I must stop, for if I be not Silly then I be not Silley!

  10. riseoutofme: Good to see you on the wing.

    Talon: Thank you

    Dianne, Foam, Molly, LadyFi: Ditto. But I have no poison ivy.

    Zuzana: It is a Klimt that I fiddled.

    Lorraine: Don't be sorry.

    Percy: Thank you. Your second comment is most unsilly. A distant part of me fears the planet is destined to post a sign saying 'Vacant Possession' but most people & governments are in denial.


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