Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CLXXXX - Coming Out


Australian swimmer, Daniel Kowalski, came out this weekend and proclaimed that he was gay.
I have no problem with that and I wish him well. Indeed, he is an inspiration.
I feel that the time is right for me to come out, as well.

Coming Out

I admit that I have long lived a lie
(Oh Mother, please, there’s no need to cry!)
Since about twelve, a feckless youth,
I have known a dark and inner truth.

As I watched those playing sports,
In coloured tops and football shorts,
A feeling rose (here I must be cautious)
I hid it well but it made me nauseous.

How could I be a male, strongly virile
And not adore football, Australian style?
There I’ve said it and now proudly proclaim
I cannot stand the wretched game.

Actually, I’m an atheist to all footballing,
Their gratuitous thuggery is just appalling.
I detest the game and how they play it,
And it is such a relief to finally say it.

© J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. My sympathies! Here it's American football, or basketball, or baseball, or golf, always about the balls, and he turns it on for background "music"......It makes me want to bawl.

  2. I've rarely found reason to confess
    That sports on tv are not the best.
    More fun to play than watch, like chess,
    especially golf, fun absolutely, yes.

    Stepping out on fine kept lawns of grass,
    looking forward where the ball will pass,
    swinging the club, force speed and mass
    all come together and show my ass.

    Off into the woods deep, that's where it went.
    Can't even begin to tell you how much time was spent,
    Finding the danged thing and putting it where it was meant,
    Finest days that I have spent!

  3. They say confession is good for the soul...

  4. Well, now that we've finally found our poet laureate -- that's you, son -- we sports-haters are surely ready to organize and demand immediate acceptance by the world.

  5. Hurray for you! I agree... and my goodness, that photo! :-)

  6. Ricky Martin came out too.;) That is a truly odd/funny/disturbing/hilarious photo, hehe.;))
    Great poem indeed.;)

  7. Molly: Thank you.

    Boneman: At least most golfers have necks.

    TALON: My soul is refreshed!

    Larry: Thank you Sir; please forward all tithes to my home address.

    LadyFi: Yes! Hurray for me! Thank you!

    Zuzana: I didn't know Ricky Martin played football.

  8. but all in all, it's only one ball!

  9. Lorraine: Howe many would you prefer?

  10. I'm sure you could write a poem on ball handling skills.

  11. PBS: Never use finesse when a mallet will do.

    Lee: The censorship board may ban both the poem and the photo.

  12. touching subject....depends on the player!

  13. J...doesn't it feel great to get that off your chest! Great poem as usual.


  14. Beige-sweater-man, you always find the best images... and the poem? An eye-opener, as usual.

  15. Lorraine: You will learn that I am touchy feely.

    Dan: I feel free!

    Sophia (Sometimes): I hope I didn't open your eyes to anything to distressing! The beige sweater is dry-cleaned and in good use, thank you.

  16. my momma would have loved this photo.
    she always did comment on the 'tight little butts' of the american football players..

    i had to google australian football. and then i watched a youtube of it....
    dang! is all i can say ..

    as always, your poetry is a delight.

  17. Thank you Foam.
    Sorry about the football though.

  18. Your blog is marvellous....and each poem i read...is like better than the last!

    I gave you an award on my blog..
    hope you accept and pass it on!

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    thank you.
    you are represented a one of those fresh poet.


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