Sunday, April 11, 2010

CLXXXVII - Souped-up Saucers


Souped-Up Saucers

Human beings, down through the ages
Have questioned the wise men and the sages,
Wanting to know “Are we truly alone?
Did ET really have someone to phone?”

On a country lane in a country world
A piece of cosmic crockery is hurled;
It hovers enticing, neither plane nor bird,
For photos, of course, but invariably blurred.

For reasons no-one seems to know
We are only visited by the shy UFO.
Treating the cities with galactic distain,
They come to the sticks, then are gone again.

Just as hoons drive to the industrial estate
To burn rubber, drink beer and procreate,
What if these souped up saucers hold the same,
Hoons after a good time on galactic back lane?

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Maybe we are someone else's backyard... I like that thought!

  2. Love that - rowdy intergalactics out for joyrides and cheap thrills out in the sticks.

  3. Now that's a thought to ponder ... maybe we are a galactic back lane.
    You are very clever dear J Cosmo, I think you could write a poem on any subject. xoxoxo ♡

  4. Dianne: You are not the first to suggest that. Many moons ago Jenners said the same. The result, to prove her point, was Ode to a Plughole.

  5. Jean: Just imagine if it was!

  6. Would you believe that there are people who spend their lives looking for extraterrestrial intelligence, never realising that we haven't found much in the way of terrestrial intelligence yet. Not at the political level, at least.

    Now, these hoons, where do they throw their beer cans?

  7. Lee: Out the window but they don't look like your beer cans. Many people mistake them for cigarette butts.

  8. That is indeed a very clever poem about a 'plughole'... just as I have said, you can write a poem about anything. xoxoxo ♡

  9. Well, I've done plug-holes, Brussel Sprouts, garlic, Helen or Troy, depression, mermaids and semen. To mention but a few.

  10. Excuse me Master, if I may be so bold - don't you mean mermaids and seamen?

  11. No. Mermaids. And Semen. Different poems.

  12. Well I never thought of it that way, what if...all this time, on my roof, I thought there were cats mating...hummm noisy little interspacial back laners!

  13. This could really be true.. ! :)
    And I think I have seen a saucer hovering over...long time ago..
    But I aint still sure...

  14. Very entertaining and such a great take on this issue.;)
    I never considered the fact that you have autumn now.;) I hope the posts of some of us living in the northern hemisphere can brighten your next six months.;)

  15. Excellent poem. Maybe the galactic hoons are all around us all the time. The ones we see... well their batteries are just running low, and they head for the sticks in case they have to make an emergency landing. A quick tune up and boost to a higher frequency and they're gone. Where do think Buzz beer came from, anyway?

  16. Lorraine: Did the earth move for you too dear?

    Indrayani: You didn't. I'm sure.

    Zuzana: Autumn's pretty and it doesn't snow here so it's not so bad. Your posts are always brightening.

    Sometimes Sophia: I dread to think.

  17. Left a hell of a spot I tell you ;)

  18. Perhaps they just dropped in for a spot of...

  19. A fairy tale skittered in my head
    By alien beings and saucers led
    Whispering hoons with wild eyes weeping
    Stilled my heart while I was sleeping

    Mr. Newberry you have managed with your words to unearth long forgotten childish nightmares. I dont know whether I should thank you for that ...

  20. Where have all my comments gone?


  21. riseoutofme: Misery! I am supposed to be the man of your dreams, not your nightmares!

  22. Bloggers' been playing with my comments, I fear it may just be those nightly mate(rs), they eat comments for lunch...

  23. This is a most Excellent Theory for a Field of Enquiry that has been in need of one for some time...

    I only wish Einstein had done up his Theories in rhyme too - would have been relatively intelligible.

  24. Perhaps they came to help the intelligent populations
    overcome the evil of so many of the nations.
    But it's an overwhelming task of which I speak,
    for the good of the planet has become a bit weak.

    They used to be the great, the praised, the good,
    But now comes the evil where goodness once stood.
    However if the visitors came to help the blessed,
    Then people are in trouble, not the small birds nested.

    You see, the intelligent creatures of the Earth are for
    those who don't bring tears of children, chemical demise, or war.
    Then again, they've been here a fairly good long while.
    You see them everytime you see the skies open and smile.

    The clouds came from a distant galaxy,
    the trees from a neighboring planet there.
    Several "bricks" have moved to Biloxi,
    And from Proxima Centauri came the birds filling the air.

    The color, red violet, is a being from Mars,
    Nothing like a little local to add to the charm.
    Mosquitoes from a tiny planet within Orion's stars,
    And they are just communication, they mean no real harm.

    From another universe, the butterflies and moths,
    and also the plants here from which we gather all our cloths.
    Even the sands we see on any beach on Earth
    Are filled with silicone worlds, all smiles, all mirth.

  25. Percy: Relatively.

    Boneman: You never fail to amaze.


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