Saturday, April 17, 2010

CLXXXVIII - S-Bend, Bent Double.

In comments to the last post, Dianne suggested I could write a poem about anything.
I don't know about that but there was a paper clip on my desk...

S-Bend, Bent Double.

The envelope please! And the winner is
The Paperclip! For it’s starring role in biz-(pause)-e-ness!
This little piece of wire, bent in upon itself
Is leading role on the office shelf.

It holds your piles of notes together
Better than string or pins or leather.
It will even catch and hold some pages
And secretly smile as you search for ages
Until you find your wayward notes
Snared at the back of some pile of quotes.

The paperclip is, surprise!, for clipping paper
But some people want to make them straighter:
Psychologists watch as you unbend them,
The shapes you make and how you defend them.
Some people unbend them as a tooth pick,
Others make them vanish, their party trick.
Some even use them to reset a device
While others just flick them, a habit not nice.

Something to which I lightly aspire
Is to own the patent for this twisted wire.
Several billion are made each week
And would nearly fund the retirement I seek.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Yes dear J Cosmo another very clever poem and yes paper clips are such a convenient little office helper; they also make a shiny substitute necklace when strung together if one is feeling a little bored at work.

    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Yes, I had considered including a 'daisy chain' reference but I ran out of coffee.

  3. biz-(pause)-e-ness???

  4. I enjoyed your ode to the paperclip, J Cosmo.

  5. Lee: Artistic licence

    Talon: Thank you. You can stay.

  6. Great tribute to this little invention no one ever even thinks about, but needs almost on daily bases.;)
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  7. Oh ever did you knw of my profound luv for this magnificent device, I like it colour-coded - I'm blushing a little at your incredible performance

  8. finally a poetic tribute to this little wonder!
    i could not survive without it. i use it to unstop clogged up blue bottles .. :)

  9. Uh-oh Foam, I think we have a terminology problem: from my childhood, a blue-bottle was a nasty little wingless wasp that one learnt very early to leave alone. You do WHAT to them with a paperclip?

  10. Zuzana: I saw a need and filled it, with Dianne's psychic prompting.

    Lorraine: Colour coded?! I am impressed.

  11. You truly can write a poem about anything!

  12. But can he write a poem about nothing?

  13. oops ..
    glue bottle ..


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