Monday, April 26, 2010

CLXXXXII - A Sound Choice

One Minute Writer had a topic "Sound"
"Describe the most beautiful sound you've ever heard."

A Sound Choice

There’s the infant that giggles with glee;
There the brook that burbles away;
There’s the bird that sings in the tree;
There’s the forest at the break of day.

There’s Mozart, when played by a quartet;
There’s the buzz of a crowd at a show;
There’s the wave that pummel a shore wet;
There’s sweet nothings, whispered sultry and low.

There’s friends who knock at your door;
There’s the silence when the radio stops;
There’s the dinner guest asking for more;
There the sound when the wine cork pops.

There’s the car arriving home after five;
There’s the magpies chortling to be fed;
There the crackle of a blazing log fire;
There’s the sizzle of bacon and eggs.

There’s the whimper as you nibble a neck;
There’s rain pounding down on the tiles;
There’s parrots squabbling on the back deck;
There’s thunder rumbling, away some miles.

There’s the moon and the baying of hounds;
There’s children in the park, having fun;
The world abounds with millions of sounds,
How can I possibly only choose one?

© J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. Oh ... I just loved this one!!!

    And I just noticed your technique for minimizing spam ... I'll have to try that!

  2. And the picture is...what sound?

  3. playful words and vivid images.

    sound and words matches!

  4. Jenners: It works well. Just keep an eye on notification in the Blogger dashboard. They are usually Asian and get deleted with the minimum of fuss.

    Lee: Oban Sound, Scotland.

    Jingle: Thank you.

  5. I totally agree - impossible to choose just one sound. And you hit so many of my favorites in this poem, J. Cosmo.

  6. This is lovely dear J Cosmo and well written; you have chosen many sounds that I love as well ... but it would be impossible to choose just one. xoxoxo ♡

  7. So beautiful J Cosmo, I am swayed by the musical notes, like the sound of trees in a summer wind. I love silence too the one orchestrated by Nature.

  8. We are blessed with so many.

  9. You got most of the good ones, which were artfully presented.
    Now how about the bad 'uns,
    Or would that be demented?

  10. You describe a wonderful world of possibilities.

  11. J...I have printed this out and it now hangs on my wall...on any one particular day...I can pick a sound and it will make my whole day.




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