Thursday, April 08, 2010

CLXXXVI - Delayed Gratification

One Minute Writer had a topic "Delayed Gratification -Write about a time you had to wait to get something you really wanted."
Now I sort of meandered about the topic - not too sure if I favoured delayed gratification or not.
But I probably wont write any more now until I am back in Melbourne,
so you too can have delayed gratification.

Delayed Gratification.

I. Immediate Response.

I’m not much of a fan of long waiting
To receive what I’m contemplating.
The sooner I get ‘em, the sooner I forget ‘em;
Living life as a form of speed dating.

Remember, to delay receiving rewards
Is a sneaky old trick of the Lord’s.
“Stay very quiet and don’t start a riot
And you’ll receive all that Heaven affords.”

II. Delayed Response.

There’s pleasure in embracing the sensual
And ‘now’ is much better than ‘eventual’.
But I draw the line at drinking bad wine
Or sex with a goat, even consensual.

So, yes, I admit some things I will wait for
Like the dental appointment I’m late for,
And that horrible prancing that goes for folk dancing,
A pastime I have a deep hate for.

Other things that are best long delayed
Are bagpipes, however they are played.
There’s daytime TV and Chamomile tea
And all wars and religious crusades.

More things I’m in no hurry to be trying
Are bunge jumping, carol singing and flying.
Brussel Sprouts should be thrown out
And I’m in no particular rush to be dying.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Shouldn't you have waited before posting this?

  2. So that wasn't you I thought I saw in the cast of Riverdance last autumn?

  3. Ah, but I kinda have a thing for bagpipes!

  4. The poor brussels sprouts. It's okay - that means more for me!

    You do a fabulous job with these writing prompts, J Cosmo.

  5. Thoroughly entertaining and brilliant! always!
    seriously, have you thought of writing a book or something ...or do u already have that going ?

    :)I sure hope you do!

  6. Oh yes, I always like to choose the middle road.;)))

  7. me I HATE waiting with a passion, I love brussel sprout but as luck with have it, they don't agree with my internal entities? You make me laugh so hard, I get cramps, oh gosh gotta go. with most ladylike insistance I say adieu to yeu

  8. Ha ha! Bagpipes aren't too bad if they're a long long long way off?

  9. Now you remind me how I should really go for that bungy jump..don't wait to wait for another lifetime!

  10. Brilliant as usual dear J Cosmo, you do these very well, you are set a subject and you never fail to entertain us. xoxoxo ♥

  11. we have so much in common it turns out.
    i too draw the line at sex with a goat ..

  12. Workers of the world, we will storm your blog:

    "What do we want?"
    "Delayed Gratification!"
    "When do we want it?"
    " now!"

  13. I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit so that I returned the visit to an "old" and I thought "pretty inactive" friend and was treated to this little wonderful bit! Glad to see you back in the saddle!

  14. Lee: maybe I did.

    SS: Nope, must have been someone else.

    Willow: I have a thing for bagpipes: the hard waste bin.

    Talon: I'll mail you mine.

    Indrayani: Do you know a publisher?

    Zuzana: That way you can get run over by trucks from both directions.

    Lorraine: Negotiate with Talon: perhaps you can share my B Sprouts.

    LadyFi: Distance?

    Hliza: Insure your knees.

    Dianne: Thank you.

    Foam: Amazing coincidence.

    Lee: Probably, I'll let you know later.

    Jenners: Just when you thought it was safe...


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