Thursday, April 01, 2010

A Tolstoy moment: Words and Peas


It's my birthday and, innocently roaming the internet, what do I find?

A Russian translation of some of my poems!

I have visions of a monk in a monastery, slaving away by candle light...

The following is about Peas and was originally put up March 3rd, 2009:

The original is in black, Google's translation is in green:


Peas sit in their pods
Like commuters on a train.
They rattle round the sink
Before rolling down the drain.

Pea sitting in their pods
As residents of the suburbs by train.
They roar around the drain
Before you scroll down the drain.

Peas are very pretty,
They are, well, pea-green little balls;
Flick them out the window,
Or bounce them off the walls.

Peas are very likeable,
They are, well, in general, green as a pea small balls;
Click them out the window 

Or rip them from the walls.

Peas are little bullets,
A veggie like no other;
You can drop them on the cat
Or shoot them at your brother.

Pea - small markers
Vegetarian like no other;
You can lower them to the cat
Or shoot them at your brother.

Peas are most forgiving
No matter how you treat them;
Some folk love to mash them,
Some will even eat them.

Pea is the most forgiving
Regardless of how you process them;
Some people like to puree them,
Some even eat them.


Well, that was a birthday present I hadn't expected!

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  1. Oh, those Russians!

    Happy Birthday sweet man!! xoxo ♡

  2. Oi..I forgot your bday this year! So sorry J Cosmo..happy belated to you..I hope there was more fun down there other than this..

  3. J...first of all Happy Birthday! And second of this an April Fools joke? I never know what to expect from you!


  4. about lost in translation!

    Happy, Happy Birthday, J Cosmo...and many more.

  5. lol @ peas "roaring" around the drain. And I've shot a few peas at my brothers back in the day :)

    Happy Birthday, J Cosmo! Hope it's a fabulous one!

  6. I think I like Google's version better. Happy Birthday.

    (Are you still coming around for dinner tomorrow?)

  7. haha .. lol ..
    happy birthday!
    i know about these translations.
    i cringe then laugh when english is translated into german using a google translation service.


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