Sunday, July 29, 2012

CCCXLVII - Black Magic

Poetry Jam had the prompt: "Do you believe in magic".

Black Magic

I don’t believe in witches,
I don’t believe in wands,
I don’t believe that princes
Became frogs on top of ponds.

I don’t believe in warlocks,
Nor in haunted towers,
I do believe in black cats,
But not with special powers.

I don’t believe in riding brooms,
I don’t believe in potions
I don’t believe in lucky charms
That prey on our emotions.

I don’t believe in mystic realms,
I don’t believe in trolls,
I don’t believe in any sort
Of psychic folderols.

Children always love to dream
Of fairy tales and wonder.
They can imagine warring gods,
Fighting in the thunder.

As they grow they come to learn,
How to think things through:
They still enjoy stories.
But they know that they’re not true.

But some adults still believe this stuff,
And worship someone higher,
And in their name can justify,
Burning witches on a fire.

© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. I believe the stories, but I don't burn witches. In fact, if I met a witch, I'd like to learn more about him/her.

    I sense you think my combination of believing and not burning is wrong.


  2. There is the broader picture of the, shall I be kind and call them misdeeds? Why not., misdeeds done in the name of religion. Magic was the prompt for the writing and so I stuck largely to that. Would you like to suggest another prompt?

    Note: I am well aware that individual believers can, and do, have quite divergent views to the hierarchy.

  3. As a child, I fervently believed in magic and fairy tales. They are still a pleasure. But as an adult, I really enjoy 'making magic' ;)


  4. Well written poem, J Cosmo. I always enjoy the way you rhyme and weave your ideas together. My opinion, however, is that all beliefs cannot be put in the same pot of 'magic,' and there is a lot we really won't know until someday.

  5. Love the last verse :)

  6. RDG: Different sort of magic, different sort of wand.

    Mary: Granted, in a general sense, but my poor addled brain demands logic in the meantime.

    Mad Kane: Thank you.

    Sue J: The funny thing is, that wasn't what I originally wrote; it was a late change. My original ending was 'Now, wouldn't that be magic!". It is quite interesting how these things evolve.

  7. The perfect poem for a Sunday!

  8. Fjay: Thank you. I hadn't really set out with that in mind but I see what you mean.

  9. Your last line really sent a chill through my spine ... so true and hard hitting ... loved it :-)

  10. AnonymousJuly 29, 2012

    i enjoyed your beginning verses and definitely understand what you are saying in the final verse ~ much more than burning witches is still being done in the name of a higher power. i will stop with that, just suffice it to say that you ended on a very powerful note!

    thank you for participating at Poetry Jam!


  11. Wow, lots of power in this poem, especially that last stanza. Very nice!

  12. I think I see at least part of your larger meaning. Logic and proof are reassuring much of the time and I do understand what you mean about witch burning. Thanks for visiting my blog as well!


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