Wednesday, July 04, 2012

CCCXXV - Uncertainty

Theme Thurday had the topic "Life's Uncertainties".
I thought I would try something a little different to my normal style.
It was fun and hardly hurt at all.


Nothing  is certain. 
Not even the end of this poem is known
at this point in writing. 
But, on the other hand, it has been shown
that people demand, insist even, on a definitive sign,
a sign of some sort;
horoscopes, gypsies, a minister who can present a heavenly report,
that will provide comfort, however slim,
and a rail to hold as they venture timidly, as a flock,
along the slippery boardwalks of life, as we know it, Jim. 
Life is a seemingly endless spiral of highs and lows that mark
the unpredictability of existence on this unbalanced, unsettled,
over settled, concrete and metalled, lump of wet rock.

Serendipity shadows our steps. 
The wayward car that runs the lights. 
The chance meetings, right or wrong. 
The advert seen in a paper, seldom read. 
The meaningful glance across the room, from the lady in the red dress. 
Abnormalities, genetic or achieved without SPF25. 
A wayward lightning strike, much more likely than lottery largess.  
But still possible, none the less.
The decision to take eight-oh-five instead of a train five minutes later. 
All small variables in our travels through the smoky and veiled corridors
of time and space that make up our day.

But the truth remains: nothing is certain.
Would you really want it any other way?


© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. I enjoyed this, and, no, not really :)

  2. Thought provoking, J Cosmo. Some very good things have happened to me through chance; those are the things I mostly remember. But then there was the time I got picked up for speeding, when others sped just as I; and I cursed chance! (Why me?)

  3. Just Luvly, Luv. Glad it hardly hurt at all! Truthfully, I would like just one predictable day. Just the one...

  4. Trish: I knew you would say that!

  5. That is why life is a treasure because it is uncertain. I like the small variables that goes into making each moment special and different ~

    Lovely thoughts ~

  6. AnonymousJuly 05, 2012

    So far today only thing for certain was that I enjoyed your poem. Well Done !!! now I am being forced to jump through hoops to comment which is why you might not get this reply and I hate eblogger !!!

  7. smiles....more likely to get hit by lightning than win the lottery...that made me smile...nah to be certain would surely take the adventure out of it...

  8. "Life is a seemingly endless spiral of highs and lows that mark
    the unpredictability of existence on this unbalanced, unsettled,
    over settled, concrete and metalled, lump of wet rock"

    Truely said Cosmos! We can never be really certain!


  9. Now you've done it! You've taken all the predictability in my life, stripped it of its certainty and revealed the tangled ball of unknown for what it truly is ...

    and you want me to be grateful?? :)

    I enjoyed the departure. It's good to step out of our comfort zones every now and then.


  10. Anonymous: Your hoop-jumping was worth the effort - thank you.

    RDG: I wasn't aware that I had stripped you of anything. For that, at least, you should be grateful.

  11. I guess I'm not really sure...

    Really though, I agree, and nicely put.

  12. If you strip me Cosmo, be assured you will know it...


  13. RDG: For some reason, I never doubted it. :)

  14. It is funny how you write about taking a different train, it makes me think about when we are running late or ahead of schedule. There have been a few times in my life where if I had left at the time I was supposed to then I might have been in a bad accident, I was thankful for my being late. And then there are a few times that my being early did the same thing.

    Life is truly full of uncertainties and you really covered most of them.

    Thanks for such a great contribution to this weeks Theme Thursday.

    God bless.

  15. It's scary to think about the things that can change with five minutes.


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