Sunday, July 01, 2012

CCCXXIII - The New Dawn

The Mad Monk, leader of the Abbott's Gate Doomsday cult,
predicted the end of civilised life as we know it
once the so called ‘Carbon Tax’ came into force. 
It started today.  No sign of the Apocalypse yet.

The New Dawn

The sun rose this morning.
It caught me by surprise.
The Tories had been warning
That clouds would fill the skies,
That civilization would be over,
That the economy would implode,
That the good times in the clover
Would become a misery, a la mode.

The sun rose this morning.
The birds seemed unconcerned,
A few were even yawning
As if they wished the day adjourned.
No horsemen of the Apocalypse
Were riding ‘cross the skies;
Nor did I have to come to grips
With lost soul's tormented cries.

The sun rose this morning.
They had told me that it wouldn’t.
The sun rose this morning.
They had told me that it shouldn’t.
The sun rose this morning.
And lit the morning skies.
The sun rose this morning.
Was it all a pack of lies?

© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. No Doomsday like the Mad Monk predicted with all of his scaremongering ... if anything in the future with the carbon tax in full force the sun should rise to much clearer skies...great poem dear J Cosmo.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. All gloom and doom... not today, but what about tomorrow? ; )x

  3. I love this one. One of my very favorites! And this phrase tickled me: "misery, a la mode."

  4. Enjoyed them all...but the third is my favorite.

  5. All the BS about prices skyrocketing, the prices were being put up before yesterday - any excuse. I didn't see the Liberals getting into the price rises that occurred when the GST (which they were never going to introduce) came into effect.
    Here in the wild west Colin Barnett is already blaming the carbon tax for the 9% increase we are getting on power. He neglected to say what the previous 60+% we've already had was for though.
    Tony Abbott (or Monkey Man as he's know at our place), doesn't seem to have any policies. All he can do is criticise.

  6. Apparently I missed this doomsday prediction. My kids are all wrapped up in the The End of the Mayan Calendar Conspiracy ...!!


  7. If the Mayans were so crash hot - how come they didn't spot the Spaniards coming?

  8. Great rejoinder on the Mayans, J.C.


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